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July 20, 2016

Panasonic Australia has unveiled the latest in shaving technology: the world’s first five-blade shaving system.  This groundbreaking new technology in the new Panasonic es8103s and the Panasonic ES-LV61-K841 boasts a multi-arc curved head that sets it apart from the rest of the shaving competition.

The New Powerful Panasonic Line-up

The powerful new line up from Panasonic caters to the needs of every user, which includes six models with three to five Multi-arc Blades.

Wet or Dry Shave: Dual Capabilities in a Single Shaver

Another feature of these new range of Panasonic shavers is the waterproof design that allows each model to be used either for a wet or dry shave. This gives the new razors more versatility for the price of one. They can be used with or without a shaving gel, and allows for shaving while in the shower or during bath time. Easily rinse and clean them after use with their automatic self-cleaning capability.

Nano Blades and Multi- Arc Foils

The main feature of these new range of cutting edge shaving technology from Panasonic are their nano-blades and the multi-arc foils. The blades undergo nano particle polishing which reduces their cutting resistance drastically. This guarantees a close and firm shave while still being gentle on your skin.

The five blade models with multi-arc foils delivers a smooth, even, once-over clean shave while the multi-arc foil takes care of the hair in hard to reach areas such as the chin and jaw area. Similarly, the four-blade models boast of a pivot head which has the flexibility to follow the surface of the face, allowing you to shave smoothly and comfortably.

Ergonomic and Easy Cleaning

The new range of Panasonic electric razors for men have been designed ergonomically for a closer and more comfortable shaving experience.

Another defining feature defined by Bestelectricrazors4u of the ES-LV81/LF71/LT71 models is the self-cleaning and charging capability. They come with a cradle which can be used both for cleaning and charging. With just a touch of a button, you can easily wash, dry or charge your shaver, ready for the next use.

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