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Pave The Way For Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) For Business Communication

August 24, 2015

Also known as IP Telephony, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the new norm for businesses looking to collaborate in a virtual world. It is an advanced mode of communication that is overtaking traditional telephony by making use of an IP network to make and receive phone calls. Actis offers IP telephony as a part of its Unified Communications (UC) solutions. It is more efficient in facilitating collaboration at work due to the smooth integration of voice with other modes of communications. Further, Actis unifies various other modes of communication for your business like video conferencing, integrated Active directory of your organization, instant messaging, email system, and so on.

Unified Communication is all about building a single platform for the entire organization to effectively collaborate among diverse departments. Unified Communication solutions help businesses save time, thereby increasing efficiency. And VoIP is a coming of age system of unified communication that helps in saving both time and money. It is not only a secure means of communication, but also provides consistent and seamless connectivity between team members across different locations within and outside a business. It allows you to integrate the various channels of communication in one single interface. What is exciting is the access you get due to your phone’s features, irrespective of your location, provided you have a broadband connection. It is like hitting numerous targets with one arrow.

Actis brings the best voip solution for business, which will eventually enhance the communication within your business leading to greater work productivity. It is one of many technological solutions that Actis provides to improve the lives of their clients at work and at home. Some of the dramatic improvements your business is likely to experience with VoIP are:

  • Flexibility in communication across departments, geographical boundaries and time constraints.
  • Rapid problem solving and effective decision making.
  • Reduced cost in terms of a single network being used for various communication channels, infrastructure, and travel.
  • Real-time collaboration among employees as one phone rings simultaneously on all of the devices.
  • Easy exchange of information via higher-level features like voice mail, advanced call routing, and so on .

All these feature of IP telephony are meant to increase customer satisfaction. Actis is a consultancy firm that helps businesses enhance their investment by recommending technological solutions, such as VoIP to their clients.

Their VoIP solution is meant to unify your business’ communication system so that it becomes easier to exchange data, messages, videos and so on. With the global market growing and expanding, effective and efficient communication is an absolute necessity for the proper functioning of any business. So, when one thinks of communication solutions, one should think of Actis.

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