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Perfect Tips For Safe & Reliable Relocation Of Your Pet Transport

By Mary
May 9, 2016

Pet transport is becoming increasingly popular nowadays as people do not want to travel without their trusted companions such as a dog or a cat, for instance. There are numerous travel agencies that look after pet transport and make sure that their travel is as smooth as possible and the least stressful for your pet. There are packers and movers pertaining to pets who give you the safest relocation possible within the set rules and regulations of such transportation policies.

Types of Pet Transport

1) Domestic Travel

There are some major airlines that offer domestic air travel to the pets and ensure that the travel is as per the safety norms and that the pet is transported from the starting point to the destination point. These domestic travel services are offered from most of their ports as either an in cabin transport, excess baggage or as animal cargo lay holds. Domestic travel services include :

  • Advice and travel coordination to avoid stress for the pets.
  • Travel care for the pets.
  • Pickups from your point of convenience and drop to the destination point
  • Delivery to airport and airline check ins.
  • If required, there can be comfort stopovers.
  • Certificates regarding health checkups and vaccinations given by vets.
  • Boarding in kennels.
  • Collection from the destination air terminal.
  • Delivery to new home or at a friend’s home or at a relatives.
  • Adequate measures taken to make sure that the accommodation for pets is as pet friendly as possible.

2) International Travel

International Travel is very different from domestic travel as there are more stringent policies and regulations in place. Travel preparations pertaining to an international travel will include health certificates issues by vets and travel permissions that are given by the higher authorities after checking the pet. Quarantine time can thus be massively reduced if you follow all the international travel requisitions properly. There are a lot of pet transport agencies that are involved in the relocation of pets from one country to another with the least amount of fuss and the greatest care. For your pet’s safety you should choose correct pet transport services. International travel services include :

  • Move coordination’s and advice.
  • Vet treatments and prescriptions.
  • Travel documents compliance rules and procedures.
  • Pick up services from the origin of the relocation modes
  • Drop at the airport.
  • Drop to the relevant airline as a cargo or at port in cabin in adherence to all the travel rules.
  • Flight and any comfort stopovers for the pets if need be.
  • Boarding and kenneling for the pets.
  • Travel permits needed at various countries.
  • Quarantine if need be.
  • Airport collection and drop to the set location.
  • Clearance from customs before delivery formalities are initiated.
  • Delivery to new address and total commitment to the well being of your pets.

3) Make sure that you have the Best Pet Transport

  • Modern travel has necessitated pet travel to all over the world. A career move or a permanent move around the globe should not restrain the movement of your pet along with you. The pet transport agencies provide services that extend beyond national and international boundaries and transcends to global transportation for your pets. There are comprehensive pet specialists who provide all the necessary information that work as a key for such travel to take place. You can track down such specialists by looking at listings in the yellow pages or browsing through websites that provide such information
  • Make sure vaccinations are through.
  • Select a good pet friendly hotel in case there is a hotel stay involved.
  • Be familiar with all the ground and air travel and transportation policies.
  • Ground transport involves harnesses such as a car harness and sometimes crates or holds that are comfortable for your pets.

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