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How Physicians Can Benefit From Twitter-Google Integration

September 24, 2015

Building an online presence can benefit your career as a physician in many ways. That statement holds even truer thanks to the recent integration between Twitter and Google. There are many ways you can harness the power of the fact that tweets are now being displayed in Google search results in real time. Here’s how:

Harness the power of Twitter-Google integration by creating a solid online and social media marketing strategy.

Attract High End Patients

According to What the Twitter-Google Partnership Means for Physicians, people who earn more than $100,000 per year are more likely to be influenced by social media. If you provide cosmetic surgery services or other services that are typically chosen by high-income individuals, you may reach them best through a social media and SEO strategy.

If you already have an SEO strategy in place to rank your website high in search engines, now is the time to add a Twitter element to that strategy. By regularly tweeting content that caters to the interests of your high-end patients, you can now increase the chances that both your current Twitter followers and online searchers will see the content.

Extend Your Reach

Regularly adding new patients to your practice is an essential part of staying in business. Extend your reach and bring in more patients by harnessing the power of Twitter-Google integration. Again, thanks to this change, your Tweets won’t just be viewable to Twitter users. Rather, individuals searching for the subject matter that you are tweeting about are now more likely to see your content in their search results.

Send Real-Time and Scheduled Tweets

Make the most of Twitter-Google integration by sending both real-time and scheduled tweets. Scheduling tweets using a social media management program ensures you feed the online world with a regular stream of quality content. Tweeting real-time content allows you to announce important things happening in your practice. Real-time content is also an effective method of chiming in on breaking news that’s relevant to your practice and patients.

Implement a Hashtag Strategy

To really benefit from Twitter-Google integration, you’ll need to understand the basics of hashtags and keywords and how to use them to extend your reach. Using hashtags and keywords in your tweets connects Twitter users who are searching for those hashtags and keywords to find your content. Even better, Twitter-Google integration brings your content to online users searching for the keywords it contains. The moral of the story is that you should tweet strategically on topics that are of interest to your patients and add keywords and hashtags to make your content searchable.

Want to extend the online reach of your medical practice? Social media has always been a beneficial outlet for physicians. But it’s now even more useful thanks to Twitter-Google integration. Harness the power of this link to extend your practice’s reach.

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