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Plagiarism Checkers For Website Content

By alina
December 28, 2015

Electing to copy content is an unsafe strategy. Besides losing the respect of their peers, imitators have lost their grades, been sacked from their jobs, destroyed their political livelihoods, not to discuss dealing with lawful consequences. So, if plagiarism is considered as a revolting exercise in this world, why do people take on that replicating content in the connected world is okay? Rather, online duplicate content is a blunder.

Why to take Advantage of Plagiarism Checkers

Search engines look forward to offer appreciated, unique content, so they look on plagiarism as a danger to their users’ understanding. When a search engine indexes a web page, it examines the content of the page and then matches the content with the other indexed websites. If a page is brought into notice to have copied content, search engines usually will punish the page by dropping its position or take it away completely from the search results. Bearing in mind the serious consequences that your website can be faced with in case it has copied content, it is extremely sensible that you examine your current web content, and any content you strategize on printing, for copying.

The Top Free Plagiarism Checker Tools

Even though you are sure that the content of your website was not copied, it is commended that you cross check to guarantee that nothing was accidentally copied. To help you finish this task and confirm that your position of your website stay well and is not penalized, here are the 4 best free Plagiarism Checker tools to go for:


This free content checker tool lets you to perform the text examines, docx or Text file, and URL searches. It is absolutely free with limitless searches when you register. You, however, are permitted 1 free search before signing up. You can examination for duplication gets finished in just a few seconds. It is simple, open and effective!


For inspecting the websites for identical content, you have SiteLiner. You just need to paste the URL of your website in the box and it will examine for the duplicate content and much more. On the basis of the size of the website, the scan may take a few minutes, but the outcomes are worth the wait. You can then get on the outcomes for bigger details and also download a report as a PDF.

The free SiteLiner service is restricted to just one scan, per site, per month, but the SiteLiner premium service is inexpensive.


CopyScape is a plagiarism checker that provides a free URL search, with outcomes in the fraction of seconds. Although the free version does not carry out the in depth searches, it does a systematic job of getting the exact matches. This tool has a free assessment tool that will focus on the duplicate content by highlighting the text. Since, the number of searches per website with their free service is restricted, CopyScape’s paid account permits you to have limitless examinations, deep searches, and continuous monitoring of the content for plagiarism.

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