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Points To Remember While Selecting Third Party Manufacturing Company

November 6, 2015

Looking for third party pharma manufacturing companies for your initial startup? You must always remember some points while looking for such companies. Doing so will help you avoid many problems that you might have to face initially.

Do you need some information about the third party pharma manufacturing companies? You would often require such information to see whether they are able to fulfill your need or not. For this you have to sign an agreement known as the confidential disclosure agreement (CDA). This agreement stipulates that you cannot share any confidential information that you gain during your dealing with the third party entity. On an average, the designated time period for these CDA’s is between 1-3 years. If you wish to continue the business after this time period also, you would have to sign this agreement again.

Once you are done with it, you can begin your search for the best third party pharma manufacturing company to determine whether it will be able to complete the allotted work that you have provided. But it is here that the question arrives – where must you begin from?

Mentioned below are some points that would answer your question:

  1. The first thing to do is to talk to the sales representatives to see if they are able to meet you for an audit or inspection that is commonly required. The audit is done so as to obtain client service packet to make sure that the third party pharma manufacturer is keeping their methods up to convention. This will provide you comfort in delivering the samples to their facilities.

  2. Along with it you will also be able to examine the facility and see all the instruments and machineries that will be used during the manufacturing of the product. You will not be allowed to enter the production area as these facilities are aseptic, means that they do not carry any dust or debris. You will only be able to view all the way through a glass window through an adjoining wall.

If the manufacturing company allows you walk back into its production area, then you should not work with that firm because that indicates they are not conscious about keeping their facility aseptic and you product quality may be compromised upon being delivered to you.

  1. You should also know about the services offered by them, such as:

  2. The next thing you will have to do is to request a media fill prior to the beginning of your actual project. You need to ensure that there is no growth inside the vial that may have occurred due to the non-septic environment during the filling of the vial. The other thing to ensure is about the damaged products before starting the clinical trials that can be avoided during the initial media fill.

  3. You need to know about the production capacity of the third party pharma company, so as to determine that you can depend upon them for larger production or not.

  4. Assured Quality and Timely Delivery

  5. Assistance in Designing and Packing Material Procurement

  6. Assistance in Trademark & Drugs Registration

  7. Assistance in Promotional Material

If you keep these points in consideration and at the forefront of your mind while choosing a third party pharma manufacturing companies, you will be able to avoid several problems by performing this initial leg work.

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