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Political Parties Taking Steps To Prevent Hacking

August 19, 2016

Hacking has been in the news quite a lot during the past several years. Major companies have become the target of cyber criminals from around the world. As a result, the customers of these companies have had their credit numbers and other financial details stolen. Needless to say, it is very difficult for a company to regain consumer confidence after a data breech of this magnitude. Hacking has also been a major topic of conversation in the political world. There have been several data breeches that have received a large amount of publicity. What can both of the major political parties do to prevent hackers from accessing important info in the future? Here are some of the ways they will try to accomplish this goal.

1. Hiring Hackers

It makes sense that the Democrats and the Republicans would enlist the services of hackers in order to design computer networks that are more difficult for cyber criminals to break into. The hope is that the hackers they are employing to design their networks will know all of the latest tricks that the cyber criminals are currently using. Therefore, they will be much more likely to prevent any infiltration of their network from occurring in the future. It is important to understand that hackers are always making improvements in order to defeat the latest advances that have been made in the field of cyber security. That being the case, it is essential to hire people who are able to stay one step ahead of the criminals who would seek to steal sensitive political information.

2. Increasing their Cyber Security Budget

Cyber security was not something that either political party thought about at all 15 years ago. However, the emergence of the Internet has made cyber security become one of the top concerns in light of the data breeches that have occurred with the Democrats. Both parties now understand that they need to make securing their data and protecting it from hackers a top priority. Having the best cyber security systems designed and installed correctly will require a considerable amount of money. This is why both parties are now significantly increasing the amount of money they will be spending on issues that are related to cyber security. Mike Crapo has been one of the biggest proponents of an increase in cyber security spending. Crapo understands that this is the only way that the hackers can be defeated.

3. Keeping Sensitive Data Off the Internet

The only way that hackers will be able to break into the computer networks of both political parties and steal important data is if those networks are linked to the Internet. Therefore, both parties are taking steps to make their networks private with no Internet access. This will not give the hackers any portal with which to infiltrate the network. This can be a bit problematic because it is much easier to send info over the Internet. However, making their networks private is the next logical step in the fight against cyber criminals and hacking.

4. Educating People About Online Safety

There has been a lot of data that has fallen into the hands of cyber criminals simply because of the carelessness of people. Both political parties are giving classes to educate people about ways to send and store data in a safe manner.

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