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Presents For The Babies!

By alina
August 10, 2015

Those of you who have watched Angeline Jolie in the movie Maleficent would have seen how a person, hurt, betrayed, angry, vengeful and strong, fell in love with a small baby in her crib, so much so that she tried taking back the curse she had put on the baby. The same fairy that placed a curse on the baby in anguish had the power to remove the curse – it was a very happy ending for everyone in the story indeed. In real life, babies are no different! They have that charm on men, women and children alike. Everyone wants to see a baby chuckle, grin, sleep peacefully and be their innocent, mischievous selves. And when it comes to selecting the right baby birthday hamper, you want to do right even in this aspect. So, if you’re one of those who have to decide on what you’d like to include in such a hamper, here are some helpful options for you!


It is said that babies learn the most in the first 5-10 years of age. They learn to understand emotions, speak, walk, run and mingling with other people and children during this time. It is also said that the pictorial way of learning things is one of the funniest and easiest ways of doing so. Toys are really great gifts for babies. There can never be too many of them for children. Don’t worry about other people gifting toys as well, as long as everyone doesn’t gift the same toy! Babies easily get bored of one toy and move to the other. They play with all their toys on a rotational basis. So include some choke and chemical-free toys in your hamper and you will be an instant hit with the baby and the baby’s parents!


Babies are given lots of foods as they are growing up because it leads to the growth of strong muscles and bones, which will help them even in their old age. A strong foundation, after all, can sustain the weight of even the heaviest building! But alas! This is also the age when children eat and outgrow all their clothes a lot! Many parents swear that each time they blink, their baby grows in size and they become quite tired of buying baby clothes! So be a thoughtful donor and include some baby clothes in your hamper – there are plenty of them available in all forms of markets!


Parents need a lot of cloth and paper to keep their baby and his/her surroundings clean. The problem is, they don’t know what kind of cloth to use as the baby’s skin is so soft and can be easily harmed by chemicals and rough materials. So be a Good Samaritan and include some of those special linens companies produce to keep the baby clean, happy and all this without a scratch!

Memorabilia, gifts for the baby’s christening and baptism and furniture that are especially made for babies such as rocking chairs, cribs, small beds and stools also make for wonderful gifts.

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