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Preventing Your First Date From Becoming A Disaster

September 2, 2015

A lot has been said about making your first date successful. But even if you follow the perfectly logical advice to a tee but don’t take care of the little things, it can actually turn it into a fiasco. Little things when coupled together can make a huge difference. So here are some of things you should definitely avoid doing when out on your first date:

1. Acting Obedient to Please your Date

For instance, your date wishes to take you out to a fancy restaurant for dinner.But if simplicity is what you really fancy, it’s better to be open about it. What would you enjoy more- being comfortable at a casual joint enjoying your favourite meal where nobody cares what you do, or focusing on pretending to be someone you are not at a place where everybody scrutinises your clothes, personality, and most importantly, table manners? Even if you get ready to meet your date again, he/she would not be! While you may not have heard this often, but being yourself is one of the best dating tips ever.

2. Being Late on Purpose

By being late on purpose only shows how little you care about the other person. In case you are genuinely running late, inform your date beforehand (we live in the 21st century and are ruled by smartphones, hello?). Too much to ask for? I doubt! Coordinating with just one person shouldn’t be that difficult a task. Make a call or just drop in a message and save your date’s precious time.

3. Wearing uncomfortable Clothes

Fashion, trend, and style- everything is important. Being a woman myself, I am clearly aware of the importance we attach to these trivial things. But your comfort level is equally important and by wearing something that is too short, or too tight, or too deep, you won’t be able to enjoy your date as much as you ideally should.

4. Being Engaged in your Phone

When a real person who is eager to hear you talk is sitting right in front of you, is there really a need to check your phone every two minutes? It is okay to continue to meet people online and in real as long as you have made yourself clear. But when you have committed to spend time with someone, give him your whole attention even when you know you would not meet him again. He deserves a fair chance after all!

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Akansha Verma

Today everyone deserves a perfect life partner in life I Akansha Verma have seen the break up, divorced in many peoples lives and of course, these things inspired me to help people to finding true love that comes with a lasting relationship.

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