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Professional Nursing Care Can Make Life Better

October 27, 2015

The term nursing does not only pertain to the nurses who work at the hospitals. Any person who takes care of us is said to nurse us. From hospitals, nursing homes to medical centers, anybody who takes care of the need of the patients are referred to as nurses. Nurses are selfless souls who work for hours daily without the slightest expectation of a return from anyone.

Gloria Pedruco is a lady that every person associated and probably not associated to the profession would also look up to. Being in the profession for years, she has rendered the best service possible to every patient of her’s. Looking after the patients, taking every care that they have their medicines on time and making sure that they recover in the best possible way, she is no less than an angel to her patients. Alike other nurses her patients itself are her family. Though nursing is undoubtedly a noble profession, it is women like Gloria Pedruco who make it all the more noble.

Patience is a gift they have been bestowed with

People often seem to lose temper when things do not go the right way. But nurses are people who are born with great patience. They know to take good care of patients even in odd situations. Managing hundreds of different patients on a daily basis, they seem to remain unmoved from their caring and motherly nature. When, on the other hand, medical science has reached great heights; these women continue to serve the purpose in a similar fashion throughout the year. Medicines can definitely soothe down the physical pain of a patient, but can never ease the mental anxiousness and pain of an individual. Therefore, there is practically nothing that can replace the love and care of a nurse.  A patient might go back home after a couple of days, but a nurse like Gloria are never off duty. They selflessly continue to serve the common masses.

Times have changed, but their duties haven’t

From the ancient times to the present there has practically been no transformation in the nature and responsibilities of a nurse. Alike the olden time nurses still stay awake throughout the night to make sure that every patient is tended to properly. Treating every individual as their own children, they take utmost care of comforting the patients in the best way they can. Gloria Pedruco is one name that we instantly have in our mind when it comes to the aspect of nurses offering the best care to patients.

Thanking these women can never be a way of returning their services because they do something that is far above a mere duty. The only thing that we can return is probably love and the appropriate respect that they deserve. It is our duty to return the love we get from these angelic souls on a daily basis.

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