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Recreate French Appeal With Classic French Provincial Furniture

December 4, 2015

Beautiful homes reflect beautiful lives and cherished memories. Everyone aspires to build their dream homes and do the interiors in a manner that fulfills all their aesthetic dreams and make a statement of their preferred way of life. Some look for cozy comfort while others prefer minimalistic contemporary. Some go the American way while others look at European fashion to decorate their homes. The discerning and elite know that nothing speaks of class more than French provincial furniture whose classic appeal has survived the test of time and is still in demand in our modern times.

French Provincial Furniture

Sophistication of French upper classes

As the name implies, French furniture refers to luxurious furniture pieces that were originally created in the French provinces like Blois, Orleans, Liege and Lyon for the Parisian royals including the King himself, his aristocrats and rich upper society members. It is said that this vintage style of furniture rose to prominence in the 17th to 18th century and it is an amalgamation of various styles and influences that were popular in that era inĀ  prime French country provinces. At that time, this style was considered inferior to the sophisticated Parisian furniture styles that were custom made to suit latest trends in the elite circles of the French capital. Mostly created by craftsmen in provinces removed from the hub of Parisian fashion, provincial pieces seem to be simpler, conservative and practical in comparison. Nevertheless, the discerning wealthy who wanted to make a bold and different style statement promoted these exclusive pieces and led to many innovations in the field of furniture designing.

The beautifully crafted cultural designs have withstood the changing times and trends and innovatively adapted to the preferred selections of fashionable elite and luxurious class.

French Provincial Furniture

Typical features of this style would be:

  • Simplistic yet exquisite scalloped carving
  • Cabriole legs
  • Chairs that depict wheat pattern carvings and bring life to the beauty of French countryside.
  • Woven rush seats clubbed with ladder back pattern that is a standard style in these dining chairs.
  • Long lasting paints and finishes that reflect the charming luster of natural weathering add to the timeless appeal of these classic furniture pieces.
  • Lack of ornate mirrors and over the top designs
  • Solid pieces of furniture with clean cut lines and distinct patterns
  • Common woods types used were cherry, beech, pear, oak, apple and peach that were easily available in provinces making these products relatively inexpensive
  • Heavy weight or light designs depending on the cultural influence
  • Reproductions of country landscapes, biblical scenes, stories from mythology and even everyday scenes are displayed in the carvings and paintings on these furniture pieces
  • Upholstery and fashionable embroidery even reflected popular works of art at that time
  • Metal part is usually iron

Demand for French provincial furniture

As this style was more functional and had delayed exposure to popular trends, originally it was limited to classy homes and it was promoted by the eclectic interior decorators for creating an aura of old world charm. But over the years, the simplistic designs and functional durability have enhanced the appeal for these vintage designs and carved pieces and this quant furniture style has found a place in the booming interiors market. One can look up antique pieces and also reproduced pieces in exclusive furniture stores and contemporary retails shops depending on tastes and budget. Modern reproductions and remakes have found immense acceptance as these inexpensive pieces are attractive, durable, and distinctive and add the classic appeal of typical French provincial furniture in homes, commercial spaces and luxurious sitting rooms.

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