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Renting An Industrial Dehumidifier: Much Less Costly In The Right Situation

July 26, 2016

As a business, you encounter a time when the rental of an industrial size dehumidifier will be needed. This could be the case if you are renovating your location or even the location where you store your products. Or you could have had a flood, in which case an industrial dehumidifier will be necessary. Whatever the case is in which you find yourself in need of a dehumidifier, you may find it more cost effective to rent one, rather than to spend the money to buy one. The fact that being able to rent one is available, could save a business much of the research that would be involved in deciding what type of dehumidifier is the right one. When in need of a rental, professionals like those at Lemarg Rental can help you decide which type of dehumidifier will be most effective for the situation you face.

Situations in Which You May Need an Industrial Dehumidifier

Sometimes a company may decide that the conditions in the office are not up to par. Maybe employees are getting sick and there is a musty smell in the building. This is a sign that there is moisture somewhere and this can eventually turn into something hazardous. Moisture leads to mold which could be what is causing employees to become ill. This is not the only repercussion of having moisture in the office. It can also ruin product and paperwork if it is not dealt with quickly and effectively. Effectively does not mean simply running a dehumidifier to dry up the moisture. The humidity is coming from somewhere and the problem must be fixed in order to ensure that you will not end up in the same position where you will need to rent another industrial dehumidifier.

Another situation that can have terrible effects on a business, is the instance in which it has experienced a flood. There is two feet of water everywhere, and everything is being destroyed the longer it sits in water. An industrial dehumidifier can be the resolution to quickly and effectively removing all the damaging waters that will destroy your furniture and records. While this type of situation can occur unexpectedly, it is often the best choice to rent a dehumidifier so that the problem can be resolved quickly.

Types of Dehumidifiers Used

There are two specific methods for dehumidifying an area. The first uses a desiccant method which means that a specific material is used to soak up the moisture. These types of dehumidifiers can be used in very cold temperatures and can even be reused by heating up the material to get rid of the absorbed humidity. The other type of method uses a condensate pump, which attracts the moisture to a cold surface and then removes the humidity. This type of dehumidifier, unlike the other, will not work in very cold environments.

While there is much to consider when utilizing an industrial dehumidifier, they good thing about renting one is that the services of the company can assist you in deciding which type is right for the job you need done. So, before you go spend a lot of money on one, consider the much more cost effective route of a rental.

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