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Role Of BPO In Managing Logistic Services

May 9, 2016

Logistics companies are one of the fastest growing companies in the service sector. Providing transport and delivery services for commodities makes them part of the demand and supply chain, making them one of the main links. Logistics companies have to keep a lot of rules and regulations in mind when they are shipping products from one destination to another.

Knowing the limitations of the business and how to make a profit is a huge plus. For this to work out successfully, you need to be able to tap into the service industry and be able to cut transportation costs while keeping the quality of service still top-notch.

This is where the logistic BPO services play a significant role. Lending excellent services on a good budget is one of their main tasks. The way this is achieved is through these following points:

  • Dynamic routing

With cost cutting one of the major needs, you need to know how exactly to get the goods delivered without spending a lot. BPO companies chart out the place of pick up and the place of delivery and figure out the quickest and safest method to get it delivered. This will save time and money in the long run, and the logistics companies will be able to add quick delivery in their portfolio as well. Dynamic routing can get the companies a lot of investment too.

  • Fleet scheduling

If you are looking after a huge fleet, you need to know where the vehicles are at exact times. Knowing their routes and the time they take for each delivery will help you figure out which vehicle can deliver in which part of the country. Scheduling the fleet will lead to organized delivery and ease of maintenance too.

  • Consolidation and warehousing

If you are going to deliver the same type of products in bulk, you need to have a safe place to keep the products until the time of delivery. Consolidating all the goods in one place and keeping them eye out for them becomes easier if you have the proper warehouses and storage spaces. Another role of the BPO is to know the number of units they will be receiving and the appropriate space to keep them safe.

  • Decentralizing operations

If all the operations converge on one office, it will eventually lead to chaos and confusion within days. Along with the main office, the BPO has to ensure that all the offices know what exactly they are working with, and the routes and maintenance are done on time. This will lead to organized planning and ease of operations as well.

  • Managing diverse supply

Sometimes, you end up dealing with more than 2 or 3 products. BPOs that foresee the type of supply that will be needed and prepare for the same will make it easier for the company to deliver the products in an organized fashion and a timely manner.

With so many different roles in the picture, the companies providing BPO services for logistics certainly have their hands full. If you are planning on joining one or starting it on your own, ensure that you know the exact role you will be playing in the logistics ecosystem.

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