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Safety First: Easy Home Additions That Can Help Deter Thieves

August 15, 2020

A safe home is a happy home. When your house feels secure, you don’t have to worry about a home intrusion or thieves. Although anything is possible, certain strategies have been proven to help prevent burglaries. These simple additions are practical, affordable ways to safeguard your home.

Motion Detector Lighting

A motion detector flood light can keep the perimeters of your property safe at all times. These lights can scare off would-be thieves who are looking to use the darkness as camouflage. At the same time, they alert you to any motion picked up outside your home. To save money, you can look for a solar-powered model that doesn’t increase your utility bill.

Use Security Screws

Protect sheds from thieves by locking them with security screws and two-way hinges. These types of screws are harder to break and less likely to be easily undone by a crafty thief. Instead of standard Phillips head screws, opt for Allen, torx or hex-head models that are less common and harder to unscrew.

Upgrade Your Screens

Changes like security screen doors with a steel metal screens provide greater security and can even improve the aesthetic appearance of your home’s exterior. You can also install security screens on your windows that bring you a peace of mind and offer adequate protection against potential intruders.

Anything that makes your house harder to immediately access is likely to deter criminals. Despite what you hear in the news or see in television shows, most thieves do not want to deal with a physical altercation. They want an easy entry and exit point that gives them quick, no-fuss access to your home. Breaking glass or picking a lock is easy enough, but security screen doors and reinforced windows pose an instant barrier that will send most intruders away.

Improve Your Locks

Install a simple deadbolt protector that prevents doors from being easily picked. Also known as a deadbolt guard or deadbolt protection device, these useful inventions are easy to install and remove, making them a handy, portable form of home security. These devices can protect not only against lockpicking but also hammers and wrenches.

Get a Home Security Kit

A WiFi-compatible home security alarm with a camera will use sensors to pick up on any motion or intrusion. In addition to alerting you via your cellphone, these systems can provide a video clip of the intrusion attempt that you can show to law enforcement. When installing any type of security system, it may be best to choose ones that sets off an alarm that will scare off a thief rather than quiet ones that just send alerts to your phone.

These simple tips will help you stay safe and reduce anxiety about a burglary. Forcible entry is far more difficult for any intruder when you have these protectors in place, so intruders are more likely to give up when they realize their risk of being caught.

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