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Secure Perimeter: Making Your Office Safe For Employees and Managers

March 29, 2016

One thing that is very important for any business is security. It’s important for factories, warehouses and retail stores. It is also very important for an office workspace. Intruders, hackers and criminals can do a lot of harm to a company and its employees. You need to make sure you office remains secure at all times. Below are some strategies you can use to insure that is the case.

Alarm Systems

Every office needs to have alarm systems installed. This is certainly the case for fire alarms. In the event of a fire, your staff needs to be alerted that they must evacuate the building. However, it should also include burglar alarms that go off when criminals try to access your office afterhours. The alarm will scare off the perpetrators. Even better, it will alert the police of the incident.

Security Cameras

Your office should also have security cameras installed inside and out. If there’s a break-in attempt, the cameras will record the criminals and their vehicle so they will hopefully be identified. However, the mere presence of cameras on premises may be enough to scare off most thugs who want an easier target.

Security Fencing

A physical barrier in the form of a fence is also a good way to keep criminals at bay. If you keep cash, assets, valuables and important data at your facilities, it’s probably a good idea to erect a fence around the building. Professionals, like those at Mills Fence, know that business owners need their property secure so that vandals and thieves stay away. Most criminals will not want to scale a tall fence when making an entry and exit. Adding barbed wire or razor wire will make it even more daunting for potential perpetrators.

Digital Security

These days many of the threats businesses face come from online. Hackers, digital corporate spies, viruses and malware are all very real threats that could cost your company thousands or even millions. Hire an IT professional to help make sure your firewall is strong and your network is secure. Things like encryption and database backups can go a long way to minimizing most of the risk.

Security Guards

While technology can go a long way towards making sure your offices remain secure, having a human element that can react differently to each hazard and situation is also very important. If needed, hire trained security guards to manage the protection of your facilities.

Overall, every company should make security a top priority. Protecting your buildings also means protecting your employees, your profits and your competitive advantages.

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