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Selling Your Home During the Winter

December 22, 2018

During winter months, selling your home can be a challenge. With cold desert winds and freezing temperatures, the nevada real estate market can slow down considerably. Although there is nothing you can do about the winter weather, there are things you can do to help sell your home.

Your landscaping may take a beating during cold winter weather, but you can boost your home’s curb appeal with a little effort. You may not have beautiful green grass and blooming flowers, but you can still create an appealing front yard that will attract buyers.

Create Inviting Atmosphere

To attract buyers to your home, you need to create good curb appeal. Since the front of your home is the first thing they see, it’s important to make it look inviting. During the winter, Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays present a great opportunity to add beautiful wreaths, festive lights, potted plants, and outdoor decorations that will give your home a cozy, inviting atmosphere. Adding pathways lighting along your front walkway and spots to your trees will boost curb appeal for your nevada real estate after dark.

Keep Your Yard Neat and Well-Manicured

During winter months, most plant growth in dormant. Trees lose their leaves, shrubs and plants stop growing, and most blooming plants die. This can leave your yard looking like a barren wasteland that won’t attract buyers until spring weather rolls around. During winter when trees are bare and plants lose their luster, it’s important to keep your yard neat and well-manicured by raking up leaves, removing dead plants, getting rid of fallen limbs and branches, and trimming trees and hedges.

Add Some Color

Although spring produces most colorful blooms, there are a number of cold-hardy annuals that will provide color during the winter months. Planting them around your trees, in garden areas, and along borders and sidewalks will give your landscape a punch of color. You can plant them or put them in pots to line your driveway, front walkway, or front porch to create a welcome entrance to your home. Add a layer of mulch to create a protective layer of warmth and a fresh, neat appearance.

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