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Sick Of Being Stuck In The Office, Embrace Technology

March 11, 2016

Long gone are the days of being micromanaged by a boss while wasting away life in a cubicle… if you embrace technology.

Previously, the occasional work from home day was reserved for employees in the world of business. A simple laptop with dial up and phone allowed deliverables to be completed without being present in the office.

Wireless connectivity is now enabling employees in a variety of professions to have work revolve around their busy schedule, not vice versa.

Below are 5 great examples:

The Apple At Home Advisor (AHA)

This position is part of Apple’s customer service group. AHAs answer customer questions about Apple products and services over the phone or chat. Anything from the iPhone to iTunes. You create your own hours, making this opportunity perfect for mothers, students, or anyone who needs a flexible schedule.

As a bonus, AHAs learn about products before the public. This is perfect for any Apple enthusiast or addict. Interested? Find out more info here.

Uber Driver

Have a vehicle and smartphone? Then you can make money any time. Previously, driving jobs were reserved for bus, taxi cab, or truck drivers. Uber drivers simply open the app and are alerted when customers need a ride. Drivers can turn the app off at any time to focus on other priorities.

Surprisingly enough, Uber drives make the most per hour of any professional driver with an average of $19 per hour. Comparatively, a taxi driver makes around $12 per hour.


Lab conditions have to be monitored at all times to ensure experiments provide accurate, consistent data for observation. Wireless monitoring allows metrics such as humidity, temperature and atmospheric pressure to be tracked from multiple locations anywhere in the world. Automatic status updates are sent regularly and alerts warn if unusual conditions develop.


Pharmacists must ensure the right medications are given to prescription holders. They also supervise inventory to ensure medications are not being stolen by employees or over/under allocated. The development of pharmacy automation takes human error out of the equation so the Pharmacist is not confined to the workplace.

Online Professors

If you imagine a college student as a 18-22 year old going to class by day, cramming for tests all night, and attending sports games on the weekend then you are mistaken. 38% of students in higher education are over the age of 25. Another 25% are over the age of 30. The percentage of students 25+ years old is projected to increase by 23% by 2019. This trend is growing the demand for online professors. Classes are taught with video sharing technology and with online test, allowing teachers to access work from any location.

Feel free to comment on any other cool jobs that allow the freedom to work remotely!

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