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Signs That It’s Time to Redo The Roofing On Your Commercial Building

November 3, 2021

Having a damaged roof can bring your business to a grinding halt and potentially cost you thousands in lost revenue. That is why all business owners must regularly inspect the roofing on their commercial buildings and keep an eye out for any signs that it is time to have them repaired or replaced entirely.

Damaged or Missing Shingles

During a strong storm, you might lose the occasional shingle or two, but that type of damage should be relatively rare. If you have recently noticed that a good number of shingles are missing, curling, or damaged in any way, then you should contact a roofing contractor right away. When multiple shingles are missing or damaged, it is typically a sign that all of the shingles throughout the roof need to be replaced in the near future.

Interior Water Damage

Water damage inside your business is a serious issue that should never be ignored, and that issue is sometimes caused by roof damage. Small leaks in the roof will eventually damage materials throughout the building and increase your risk of a mold outbreak. Having standing water and excess moisture inside your business will also create the perfect environment for rats, mice, cockroaches, and other unwanted pests.

Temperature Fluctuations

Keeping your business at a comfortable temperature could be quite expensive, and your roof is going to play a major role in the building’s efficiency. Older and damaged roofs are notoriously inefficient, and installing a new roof could end up saving you thousands a year. Spray-on commercial roofing, such as that from Tillotson Enterprise Inc, is particularly effective at insulating a building, and that simple upgrade can often be completed in a matter of days.

It Is More Than 20 Years Old

No matter what steps you take to protect your company’s roof, it will need to be replaced at some point. While every type of roof is slightly different, most of them need to be replaced at least once every 20 or 30 years. Businesses that are in particularly hot or harsh climates sometimes need to have the shingles or tiles replaced as often as once 10 or 15 years.

Hiring a roofing contractor might seem like one more annoying expense for your company, but that professional is going to help you avoid serious issues down the road. Ignoring a damaged roof could result in staggering structural problems that require you to shut your doors for weeks at a time.

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