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Signs Your Home’s Electrical System Needs An Update

November 10, 2021

Properly maintaining your home’s electrical system should keep it running smoothly for years, but there will come a point when some important components must get repaired or replaced entirely. As a homeowner, you should constantly keep your eyes out for any signs that it is time to contact an electrician.

Flickering Lights

In most cases, a single flickering light isn’t a serious issue that needs to be addressed right away. That being said, you should consider professional electrical repairs if you have recently noticed multiple lights flickering or dimming throughout your home. When there are multiple failure points, it is usually a sign that there are some bigger issues that need to be addressed with the electrical system.

Constantly Tripping Circuit Breaker

Your home’s circuit breaker is your first line of defense against excessive loads or surges that could potentially cause widespread damage. If you have noticed that your breaker is constantly tripping, then it is time to schedule a service call with a contractor. In many cases, tripping breakers can often be fixed by replacing older breaker switches. Your electrician will also be able to tell you if it is time to start considering upgrading to a newer breaker box.

Unusual Smells

This is another symptom that you should never ignore, and it could cause severe damage if you don’t contact an electrician right away. When a system is aging or the wires are damaged, you might notice that certain rooms in your home have an acrid or burning odor. Those types of smells will generally be close to lights or outlets if the electrical system is to blame.

Warm Wall Switches

As a general rule, all of the switches and electrical outlets throughout your home should be relatively close to room temperature unless it is a dimmer switch that is under a full load. If your switches are warm to the touch, then you must immediately contact an experienced electrician. Some of the issues that can cause a warm switch include faulty wiring, an excessive load, or damage to the switch itself.

Most minor home projects can often be completed with a few basic tools and a little bit of research, but it is always a good idea to err on the side of caution whenever you are dealing with electricity. Making a single mistake during your repairs could result in serious injuries and expensive damage to your home.

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