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Simplify Your Hiring Process

November 16, 2015

Does it feel like your hiring process takes forever? Follow these tried and true tips to simplify each step and get new hires on board sooner.

Invest in Hiring Technology

Employing technology is no longer reserved for major corporations. Many great, affordable technologies are now also available for owners of small and medium businesses who are hoping to simplify their hiring processes. Assess each step in your current hiring process to learn where you could benefit from and save time with hiring technology. If your budget is limited, start with the basic functions of a quality, affordable platform and expand upon the basics as your budget allows.

Hone Your Interview Questions

Do you always seem to struggle when it comes to selecting between multiple candidates for a job opening? The problem may rest in your interview questions. Job candidates are prepared for standard issues that ask them about their biggest strengths or weaknesses. And that means they can give you canned, quick answers that make them appear to be more than qualified for a position. This can lead to having several seemingly qualified candidates for an opening.

Refine your questions to find truly the best candidate and extend a job offer sooner. Ask candidates about a time they weren’t able to meet a project deadline and what they did to overcome the situation. Or, ask them about a time they were part of a successful project and what their part was in making that project a success. Questions like these are less expected and require candidates to provide concrete examples of their abilities.

Use Apps for Assessments

According to 5 Ways to Streamline Your Employee Hiring, many business owners now understand the importance of requiring job candidates to complete employment assessments. Some assessments test the job skills of applicants; others test their personalities and so on. Luckily, many apps are now available to help you transition away from hard copy assessments. By implementing a digital version of your hiring assessments, you can shorten the hiring timeframe. Most apps handle everything from the actual assessment to the scoring and notification process.

Refine the Onboarding Process

Hiring a job candidate is the first step. Next comes the onboarding process. And that process can be doubly as time-consuming. Evaluate your current onboarding process and pinpoint the steps that always seem to take too long or that aren’t essential. By assessing your ongoing process, you’ll then have the information needed to refine it.

Automate when Possible

One of the best ways to simplify your hiring process is to automate whenever possible. Rather than relying on old paper applications, update your website to include an automated application process. Again, many human resources apps are now available to help automate and speed your hiring process. With each step of your hiring process, ask what can and can’t be automated.

The longer your hiring process takes, the longer your job openings stay open. Simplify things by using apps for applicant screening, by honing your interview questions and more. By making these and other changes, you can get your new hires to work sooner.

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