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Skip the Dump: Greener Ways to Clear Out Clutter During Your Spring Cleaning

May 31, 2021

There’s something about spring and the way it makes the world feel fresh and new that makes people want to clean their houses from top to bottom. When you start your spring cleaning, you will likely come across things that you no longer need or want. You could make a trip to the dump, but here are a few more eco-friendly ways for you to dispose of your clutter.

Have a Yard Sale

Yard or garage sales make it easy for you to sell items that you no longer need to people who want them. Every item that you sell at a yard sale means less rubbish for the dump, and that makes yard sales as good for the planet as they are for your wallet.

Pass Things Down

Even if you don’t live near family and friends, you can still pass down your old items to people who need them. If an item you no longer use is in good shape, you can take advantage of online “freecycling” groups to help you pass it on to someone who will appreciate your generosity.


You might be able to stick some recycling in the bin, but for larger items, you might have to go a bit further out of your way. Whether you head to a center run by your city or a business specializing in scrap metal, you can earn money by turning in old items to be recycled. 

Businesses that purchase scrap metal usually pay by weight. That means that selling heavier items can make you more than selling small items, even if the larger items are in bad shape.

Get Creative

Getting rid of your things is not the only way you can reduce clutter. When you come across an item that you no longer use, take a moment to think about other ways that it could be useful. For example, you can easily turn an old nightstand into a play kitchen for your toddler or a broken bookcase into a raised garden bed.

Make a Donation

Thrift stores, animal shelters, and emergency housing facilities are just a few of the places that happily accept donations of unwanted household items. Many charitable organizations even offer pick-up services to make it easy for you to donate large items that are difficult to move.

There’s a saying that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. If you keep that phrase in mind when you’re spring cleaning, it will make it easy for you to organize your home while helping the planet.

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