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Small Changes to Make In Your Daily Life to Live More Sustainably

November 19, 2020

Everyone is recognizing how important sustainability is to improve the conditions of the planet. Many people want to find more ways to live a sustainable life, even if it is just creating small changes they can do every day. Here are the top ways to create habits to improve sustainability for life.

Switch Your Lightbulbs to LED

One of the easiest things you can do to make your home more sustainable is to change the light bulbs to LED bulbs. They require 75% less energy than other types of light bulbs and they can last a lot longer. Many people realize this will not only make their home more eco-friendly, but it will also help their wallets! Switching to LED light bulbs can be an easy way to start moving towards clean energy.

Fix Your Windows

Your windows can be a huge energy drain if they aren’t sealed properly. This is particularly true if you are using heat or air conditioning because the air will be lost through the gaps between windows and doors. A large quantity of the greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere are derived from the energy in buildings. Adding caulking and weather stripping can make your windows more eco-friendly because you will lose less heat and cool air.

Use Reusable Water Bottles

Single-use plastic has become ubiquitous, but it is important to make the switch to more sustainable drinking ware. Using a reusable water bottle can help reduce the plastic pollution present in the ocean. There are more than 50 billion plastic water bottles consumed in the U.S. alone that end up not being recycled. More than 91% of plastic is never recycled, causing it to end up in landfills or the ocean. An easy way to live a more sustainable life is to eliminate the use of plastics entirely.

Stop Using Plastic Bags

Everyone is starting to realize the damage of plastic bags on the environment. There is an easy solution! Grab a handful of reusable bags and keep them in your car or at home. Then you’ll never have to use plastic bags at the grocery store again. For pet owners who use plastic bags for poop bags, make sure you make the switch to biodegradable poop bags.

These are some easy ways to start living a more sustainable life. You can do your part to reduce greenhouse emissions and reduce the use of single-use plastics by incorporating these small steps into your daily routine.

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