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Small Screen Marketing: Why TV Is Still Effective at Driving Sales

April 20, 2021

Lacking the right format means that even the highest quality advertising content will still fail to connect. While broadcast marketing may seem like an outdated notion, using the TV to advertise your business still has several key advantages. From compensating for the fractured attention span of today’s audience to fostering trust among older customer demographics, the TV is still an effective tool for driving sales.

Minimize Distraction

Having to contend with the seemingly endless distractions found online can blunt the impact of digital marketing efforts. By contrast, TV viewers are far more likely to focus on your message. Advertising online can find you wasting your time and efforts trying to be heard over the crowd. Electing to make use of a more conventional format can be crucial for minimizing audience distraction.

Relate to Older Customers

Digital marketing is often concerned with the latest innovations and the most sophisticated new technologies. While this relentless pursuit of progress has created a number of unique and useful marketing opportunities, relying on the latest technology is rarely the best solution for marketing to older demographics. Some companies, such as NYI – New York Interconnect, know that TV marketing relies on an established format, one that can be more readily understood and easily interacted with by those who may be less comfortable with digital technology.

Diversify Your Promotional Strategy

The most effective promotional campaigns often draw upon numerous tools and resources. Putting all your eggs in the same basket could limit your options and keep you from achieving the level of success you need in order to effectively promote your business. While digital marketing has a great deal to offer, choosing to advertise solely online is rarely the best approach to take. Utilizing conventional marketing resources in concert with their digital counterparts will allow you to create a more diverse and robust promotional strategy, one that will be able to continue to perform in a wider range of situations and circumstances.

Failing to attract new customers, new clients, and to create new business opportunities can be disastrous. Devising an advertising campaign or marketing strategy that is better suited to the needs and budget of your organization can go a long way towards ensuring its continued success. Making use of conventional broadcast marketing, in concert with online and digital promotional efforts, can provide you with an advertising strategy that can help drive your future sales. Marketing efforts are only as effective as their format allows and tried-and-true methods like TV advertisements still have much to offer.

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