Smart Home Features That Can Add Value to Your House When It’s Time to Sell

February 17, 2021

If you’re looking to sell your home, you want to do what you can to add some extra value to the house to get the most for it that you can. Renovating the entire house may come with an enormous price tag, which makes the process more challenging. However, there are affordable alterations you can do to increase the market value of your home. Right now, smart home features are impressive and draw in buyers. Here are some smart home features you can add to your house when you’re getting ready to sell.


Modern technology has countless options when it comes to affordable thermostats that come with native manual control. These gadgets offer a wide range of smart features such as geofencing, which allows them to adjust the temperature automatically as you leave or return home. They may also offer voice control or allow you to control the thermostat with an app on your phone. 

Smoke Detector

People want to know that their home is safe. Encourage your potential homebuyer by installing sophisticated safety gadgets such as a smoke detector. In addition to the usual alarm, a smart smoke detector can send an alert to the homeowner’s phone if it detects smoke. That way, they’re aware of the situation as soon as possible, even when they’re not at home. 

Giving clients peace of mind is one of the best ways to make your home appealing for someone looking to purchase a house. The smoke detector can also send a notification whenever the battery is low.

Video Doorbell

Security assurance is one of the primary considerations that every homebuyer is likely to have in mind. Adding a video doorbell helps build confidence, which will make your house more valuable in the market. The system allows video recording when a visitor presses the doorbell or when the camera detects movements around the front door.

Smart Locks

Similar to the video doorbell, smart locks on the front and back doors—and even potentially on the windows—provide added security to a home. These can be controlled with a smartphone app, so homeowners can let themselves or other trusted individuals into the house easily. 

Keep in mind that some of these and other smart home alterations need to be connected to the home’s electrical system. You should never try to DIY an electrical project unless you have previous training and experience. Instead, talk to an electrician in your area. Many electricians are experienced with smart home conversions, so try to find someone with the skill to do the job right.

Selling a home can be a difficult procedure, especially if your home lacks persuasive features. Understanding what to change about or add to the house can help you get more attractive offers from buyers. You may consider getting advice from professionals, such as real estate and property managers, to help you with practical ideas.

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