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Social Media For Real Estate Agents – What Portals You Should Be On!

March 31, 2016

Social media has become a driving force for the real estate agents and their online marketing efforts. Real estate agents who have overlooked to get on board with the social media marketing bandwagon must soon opt for their mind-set or risk being left in the dust by others in their locality who are highly visible online.

Establishing a strong and sound social media presence enables the real estate agents to effectively market themselves and their listing throughout a variety of several social media channels, all while building an exclusive brand image that is very well renowned in their local online communities.

With this in mind, there are some vital social media portals that the real estate agents should consider being a part of to enhance their social media network and create brand awareness. Below are the vital details you need to take into account to fully utilize the potential of each social media platform to boost your social media reach.

Facebook For Realtors

Facebook is the largest social media portal worldwide, making it hard for the Realtors and real estate agents alike not to focus some time and energy into marketing their brand on this amazing platform. Creating a Facebook page regarding your business should be on your to-do list.

Google+ For Real Estate Agents

Google+ has grown rapidly as an amazing social media network. It is incredibly powerful as it directly affects the local search results, which all the Realtors want to perform well in. Because Google+ has such an incredible impact on the local search results, this social media for real estate agents should not be ignored. Much like Facebook, you will have to create a business profile on Google+, which will help you optimize your web page for better performance in the local search results.

LinkedIn For Real Estate Agents

LinkedIn happens to be a remarkable social media platform for the Realtors as it focuses on the aspect of professional networking. LinkedIn offers an amazing platform to network with other Realtors through real estate focused groups who can refer listings in their areas that they do not cover.

This portal offers agents with the ability to connect with their clients on a professional level, which will show up in their LinkedIn newsfeed, and you never know who is looking for a real estate agent at just the right time!

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