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Some Surprising Features You Didn’t Know About Your Adorable Little Fur-ball!

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May 26, 2018

Cats; aren’t they just the most adorable pets out there? Well, that depends on whether one is a cat person or a dog persona! That being said, these animals exhibit interesting behaviors with each being unique to them

However, cats seem to be the most enigmatic pets out there! In fact, cat owners can’t really put their finger to it. Why is Snuggles purring so loudly? Why is she rubbing her face against the wall!

Yep, such behaviors can be quite puzzling! That being said, here are some surprising things that cats do that are quite frankly, amusing and shocking at the same time!

Your cat can see six times in the dark better than you!

Whenever the lights go out at night, Snuggles never seems to be perturbed. In fact, he moves perfectly in the dark as if it was day.

Well, that’s because cats have superior vision compared to that of humans. It’s no wonder they tend to be more active during the night that the day.

So while one might be worried about stumping their toe while moving in the dark, Snuggles will have a breeze navigating in the dead of the night!

Cats have their own unique individual personality

Thought all cats were the same? Not at all. In fact, the color of a cat’s coat is strongly linked to its behavior. For instance, torties (tortoiseshell cats), tend to have an independent personality going for them.

On the other hand, the orange tabby, seems to be the most gregarious cat breed. Which clearly shows the important role that color plays in a cat’s personality.

House cats are more similar to wild cats then we can imagine.

In fact, they are extremely similar. See, unlike their fellow counterparts the dogs, cats have been domesticated half the time that dogs have been. So they still have some similar tendencies and resemblance to some of the common big cats one sees in the wild.

So not only do they exhibit similar behaviors, but also have some of the wild instincts intact (such as hunting).

That’s why one can find at the time that some cats exhibit extreme solitude behaviors, akin to that of jaguars and leopards.

That being said, despite the answered questions that we still have about cats, having a cat as a pet is a wonderful experience.

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House cats have an abundance of energy

Is it sometimes puzzling to see Snuggles suddenly zooming around the room for no reason at all? Well, that’s because as a house cat, Snuggles doesn’t have the opportunity to do what most of his outdoor peers do.

In response, she needs to get rid of all that pent-up energy somehow. So a couple of sudden sprints around the room could be good enough to leave her invigorated and rewired.

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