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Starting The Conversation With Your Doctor About Medical Marijuana

May 18, 2021

Medical marijuana has been a hot topic as of late, especially among those who suffer from chronic conditions. For many, though, even broaching the subject of getting a prescription from a doctor can be frightening. Before you have this conversation, it is wise to do a little bit of prep work ahead of time.

Consider the Legality

The most important place to start is by looking at legality. Before you have your conversations with your doctor, start by making sure that medical marijuana is legal in your state and that you are of legal age to get a prescription. This is a fairly quick step, yet it is one that can help you to determine if this is a discussion that your physician is able to have with you.

Think About Your Needs

The next thing to think about is your needs. Why are you talking to your doctor about medical marijuana prescription? What condition are you trying to cope with? Putting this down in writing is a great way to start building your narrative so that you can have an open conversation with your doctor. The more information you have to share with your doctor, the more productive your conversation will be.

Look Into What It Means to Get a Medical Marijuana Prescription

There are a lot of questions you and your doctor will discuss before they give you a prescription. For example, what does it mean for you, your health, and the  healing process to get a medical marijuana prescription? How do you believe that this will change your life? Look at the current medications you take. Can medical marijuana help you to move away from them? Are there things in your life that you cannot do because of the symptoms related to your condition that medical marijuana could help with? Be prepared to have a frank discussion with your doctor about the ways you think your life might change if you can get a prescription.

Rehearse the Conversation

Finally, try to rehearse the conversations that you might have with your doctor. Most doctors are more receptive to this idea than you might assume, but it never hurts to look at it from the position of someone who might oppose medical marijuana. Be prepared to make counter-arguments and to defend your position if necessary.

Generally speaking, doctors are more than happy to have these conversations with their patients. The more research you do, though, the more likely it is that your doctor will see your point of view. While you cannot convince every physician, a patient who makes a compelling case will generally be able to work with a doctor to find a good solution.

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