Staying Entertained On A Budget

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September 4, 2015

It can be difficult to find ways to stay entertained without breaking the bank. With sky high movie ticket prices, rising costs at restaurants, and activity fees that can cost a whole week’s pay, it proves a challenge to stay entertained while on a budget. The trick is to know your financial limit, and work within it. We break down a few ways to stay entertained in a fun way without causing a hole in your wallet!

Trade Movie-Night-Out for a Night-In!

With movie ticket prices rising to an average of $8.12 before tax, why not watch great films and TV shows at home? Check out for options that fit your budget.

The great part about watching the screen in the comfort of your own home is that you have complete control over the environment. Set the temperature, the sounds, and choose if you’d like to chat with your friends over the dialogue, or if you’d all prefer to keep quiet.

Kick back with some home-popped popcorn, snacks cultivated from the pantry, and good company to enjoy a night that won’t be marred by someone kicking your seat, or blocking your view.

Prepare a Fancy Dinner at Home

Coupon-clip or peruse flyers (paper or online) to see where the best deals are at this week. Supermarkets constantly have price-drop sales that can help you create a meal from scratch that rivals that from a five star restaurant.

Make sure to flip through flyers, plan your meal, and make your ingredient list prior to stepping into the grocery store, or else you run the risk of becoming the proud owner of aisle four. If you go shopping without a goal (or worse yet—if you’re hungry), you’ll end up buying far more than what you need.

Get your inspiration online with an easy recipe and invite your friends over B.Y.O.B. style, no tip required!

Create an Obstacle Course

Whether you do this at the beach, or in your backyard, creating an obstacle course costs next to nothing compared to renting kayaks, jet skis, or paying for a trip to the zoo or museum. You’ll create lasting memories with friends and family, and most likely laugh your head off while enjoying each other’s company. Ensure that your course is safe, and feel free to resurrect childhood favorites like potato sack, Tug-O-War, and balancing eggs on spoons!

Homemade obstacle courses offer a great alternative to pricy activities offered in the neighborhood, and hey, if they budget doesn’t allow, why press it? Use what you have to create a day of fun that can turn into a tradition!

While we are constantly bombarded with advertisements of things that look delicious and fun, the temptation to break budget is understandable. If you really feel the need to indulge, look for restaurants that host happy hours, activities that offer two-for-one deals, or local community festivals or markets that cost little-to-nothing to enjoy!

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