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Story from The Looms: The Art Of Hand Weaving

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January 27, 2016

Many crafts are being slowly forgotten as not many people are practicing it. However, weaving is a whole different story, because without it, you could not have amazing tapestries nor decorative items to hang on your wall. Moreover, thanks to this fine craft, many are possible to create a business for manufacturing clothing as well. Be aware that if you want to start it, you will need patience and practice to develop your newfound skill.

Weaving Can Be Easy to Learn

You will not need a lot of knowledge on weaving, because it depends on dedication and technique. Nevertheless, you should make sure to study the art in order to create some beautiful threads. Understand that the craft is slowly dying out, as not a lot of people are interested in it, even if the secrets are now passed on outside of traditional families.

What Can You Weave?

The good side of weaving is that many smaller businesses can start making eco-friendly clothing and compete with the big dogs. This will give them an opportunity to stay green. As well as to invite people to support local artisans and the craft. On the other hand, weavers can make amazing clothing which will not only look better, use green ingredients, but it will also last longer. Be sure to give them a chance, as once you feel the difference, you will not want to switch back.

Be Part of Fair Trade

The idea of fair trade is for local communities to trade goods and commodities which they could not otherwise, and to be able to sell it in a market that will support them. It will help small businesses survive and be able to climb the corporate ladder. Keep in mind that you might have to pay a bit more for fair trade products, but it will only ensure that you are paying for quality and not for something made on the cheap. Furthermore, most businesses will focus on keeping their act green and promoting sustainability.

Make an Effort to Keep the Craft Alive

If you have steady hands, and enjoy making simple DIY projects, then it is time to look into how you can go about weaving. You might be surprised how well you are at it, and if you are good enough, you could turn your hobby into a lucrative business. Keep in mind to use only green and organic ingredients, as it will help you preserve the environment, and you will keep pollution to a minimum. Passing on the tradition might be dying out, which is why you should pick it up, if you feel like you are up for the challenge.

Weave Various Designs

The beauty of weaving lies in the fact that you can create many mesmerizing designs which will look great, no matter where you put them. Be sure to use various colours to spice it up, and if you are really handy, use a loom to make bigger designs. Depending on the type of weave you would use, you can make even thicker weaves. In essence, you will have to pick out the perfect textile and be patient to create art.

Continuing the tradition of weaving is a necessary act, because it will be good for preserving Mother Nature and you can end up with green products which will be safer and last longer. On the other hand, there are businesses which can benefit from such crafts, but only if you support them. Simple items can spice up your home’s design, and it will feel great to have something that is natural and will not bring forth more pollution.

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