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Studying Torah Offers the Avenue to Exist with Jewish Heritage

December 3, 2015

Ronald Safdieh, the president, teacher and key man of Dameron Fine Art, a Lakewood, New Jersey based Jewish school offers his dedicated research based educational services on the topics of the long-honored Jewish culture to kids and boys belong to the Jewish community, living in NJ and its neighboring areas. Ronald is highly respected and well popular for the tireless endeavor he made to boost the awareness and to retain the essence of the classic Jewish way-of-life especially applies to Sephardic traditions and philosophical background. On behalf of the Dameron institute, this knowledgeable personality and devotee of Jewish appeals all parents as well, the guardians of the Jewish community to help their kids and young boys explore all about the Sephardic heritage and lessons by enrolling their names with Dameron community.

At Dameron Fine Art, together with his fellow teachers, Ronald Safdieh educate students based on his specially designed study courses covering Torah lessons, learning the Hebrew language and its writing skills development. The coursework also includes other academic areas that talks about Jewish history, philosophy and culture. Additionally, you can also learn standard academic topics in this well-known Jewish institute.

Safdieh, a descendant of Sephardic Jews, formerly connected with Jewish of Portugal and Spain is now a distinguished member and a notable associate of NJ-NY metropolitan Jewish inhabitants. For the ages, Sephardic Jews are widely acknowledged for their special achievements in different areas regardless of whether it’s literature, science, entertainment, polities or sports. In different times, many of them are specially awarded by different societies while a few of them have recorded their name in the history of being honored with Nobel prizes.

No matter, whether it is Hollywood, major public departments or ministries, many Sephardic Jews have successfully contributed their brilliance and expertise adding to the nation’s fame and prosperity. While all-these accomplishments of his ancestors make Safdieh proud, Roland sincerely expects to bring-in the same kind of talents and characters out of the Jewish community youngsters. Being a responsible guide and teacher of Dameron Fine Art, Ronald Safdieh keenly desires the upcoming Sephardic Jewish ancestry generation to continue that tradition of success.

Despite being significantly involved in teaching, organization and development of Dameron Fine Art, Safdieh along with his wife and family members contribute adequate time for the overall growth of other Jewish educational institutes. In recent times, he has been acknowledged to become the ‘guest-of-honor’ by the Yeshiva YISHREI-LEV in its annual banquet meet for his devoted support in the training of REBBEIM. In this gathering, his entire family was given a special honor for their activities towards community’s development.

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