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Summer Sense: 3 Home Repairs To Complete Before Fall

August 3, 2017

Who wants to deal with all the necessary renovations and repairs to your home in the colder parts of the month? You might be looking to fix up the house in some way before selling or you have some repairs to get done before the end of the summer. No matter the reason behind your renovations, there are three areas in particular that are best to take care of in warmer months. The reasons behind tackling these areas differ but it mostly has to do with the weather conditions that might complicate things.


Due to the fact that the kitchen experiences some of the highest traffic in the home, it makes sense that getting any repairs done there should be a top priority. Studies show that kitchen renovations have the greatest potential to show a return on investment. Some 60% to 120% of your kitchen renovation costs can potentially be recouped when done right. The reason it’s such a high priority to get any kitchen repairs done in the warmer months is due to the fact that the kitchen is used so often. If there are repairs being performed, it makes sense that the kitchen will be out of commission until it’s complete. In this case, you and your family can have meals outside under the sun and not worry about catching a cold at lunch.

Take Care of Your Roofing Needs

Fixing any roofing issues in the summer or spring is a must. Unless something breaks unexpectedly on the roof or you have a surprise leak, it’s best to avoid working on the roof when it’s cold outside. Hiring a local roofing company, like the professionals at Stevens Roofing Corporation, to come and help out might be in order, no matter what day of the year it is. Roofing is simple enough if you know what you’re doing but is just as easy to mess up if you’ve never performed roofing repairs before. There is also a better chance of avoiding dangerous situations by hiring a pro who knows their stuff.

Other Exteriors

Besides the roof, there are other exterior repairs that should be taken care of in the summer. You might own an intricate garden or a patio that requires upkeep here and there. If you maintain the appearance of the outside of your home in the warmer months, then there will be less to worry about come fall or winter.

Summer is the perfect time to work out what needs to get done. Tackling repairs around your home before winter can avoid the potential issues that cold weather brings. Things like siding and weatherproofing are basic maintenance that most people tend to overlook. Keeping up with these minute details will only improve the appeal and value of your home.

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