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Surprising Health Benefits Of Massage Therapy

October 26, 2015


A lot of people want to have massage therapy because they want their bodies to be relaxed. Massage therapy is indeed a good way to relax the body. However, relaxing the body is not the only benefit that one can gain from having massage therapy. Studies have proven that there are many surprising benefits that massage therapy can give. Below is the list of the most surprising benefits of massage therapy.

Ease the damage from sitting all day

Postural stress is the major enemy of office workers. Postural stress can often affect a person’s shoulders and neck. Pain and weakness in the low back can also be caused by postural stress. Because of long hours of sitting, postural stress can be developed. Fortunately, having regular sessions of massage therapy can eliminate postural stress. Because of this, more and more office workers are motivated try to get a massage therapy every weekend.

Cure muscle pain and soreness

Blood circulation can also be improved by massage therapy. Experts say that the relaxing effect of massage also helps in making the blood circulation better. The improved blood circulation will then lead to the treatment of muscle pain. In fact, a study published in the ‘Annals of Internal Medicine’ discovered that massage therapy is particularly good in treating persons with chronic back pain.

Soothing depression and anxiety

Human touch is described by psychologists and other professionals as a good way to relax not just the body but also the mind. A study conducted in 2005 for the effectiveness of massage therapy reported that women who are diagnosed with breast cancer are found to be less angry and less depressed after getting massage therapy three times a week. The explanation for this is connected with the happy hormone that our body can release if we are relaxed. The relaxation that a patient can get from massage therapy can help him release the hormone that is essential in lessening depression and anxiety.

Greatly improve your sleep

It is true that you can get to sleep after having massage therapy. Even those who are not being able to sleep comfortably at night will be able to sleep comfortably after getting a massage. People who are suffering from radiation and chemo therapies will also find massage therapy as a good way to put them to sleep. Infants will also be able to sleep more and cry less after getting massage therapy that are suited for them. Parents who want to learn how to do massage for infants can also enroll in classes for massage therapy. Lastly, your body needs the right amount of sleep for it to function well. So getting a massage therapy will surely help you get the sleep that you need.

Indeed, having massage therapy will surely give you a lot of surprising benefits. You will not only be relaxed physically but you will also experience healing, less anxiety, reduced depression and better sleep. So get massage therapy regularly and expect to have its most surprising benefits.

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