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Take Culinary Trail Across The City Of Bangalore

April 13, 2016

Of all the things Bangalore is known for, it is also one of the top places the young people love to visit for good fun, and when there is good drinks and good food, who doesn’t have fun? These youngsters wait for the Bangalore to Pune flights offers and book their tickets as soon as the price drops. This article talks about the culinary scene of Bangalore.

The city of Bangalore is one of the most exciting city to be in. The city is fun, energetic and young! You can check for the Bangalore to Pune flights offers and plan your trip to the city accordingly. Once there, you will never want to leave the city and will already be aching for a second visit.

Bangalore plays home to a great range of culinary. The lines of restaurants here are some of the best in the country. There is something for everyone in the city from rooftop fine dining serving the most exquisite dishes with world class plating which also comes with a heavy price, but every penny worth paying. These fine restaurants are spread all across the city and you can choose them after checking out the reviews of the past customers on websites like Zomato. These reviews are mostly by genuine customers who have already paid a visit to restaurant and dined in it. Most of them write about their genuine experience which can really help you in deciding which restaurant to pick from. Reservations need to be made in some of these luxury dining place and you can expect the service to be world class.

Going a step down from the fine dining scene, there are the pubs and cafes in Bangalore. These places not only specialize in drinks but also serve superb food. Get ready to have your mind blown with some of the yummiest starters and appetizers accompanied by some really cool cocktails. The cafes in Bangalore have quaint, quirky and fresh decors and serve different types of breakfast from european/english to continental breakfasts. You can even look out for some buffets and try one during your trip there. The pubs are mostly rock themed and largely play rock & roll classics. Fresh beer is available in many pubs. The ambience is great and the crowd is never as rowdy as the crowd in Delhi.

From cafes and pubs, let’s take the food hunt by a notch and head out to the streets. From roadside stalls to food carts/trucks, you can eat your fill with different variety of dishes for under 100 rupees in the streets of Bangalore. And if you think that is cheap, in almost street corners of big residential areas, you will find food carts. These carts sell dosas and idly sambhar in the morning for breakfast, rice sambhar for lunch and friend rice and gobi manchurian for dinner. A plate of two idlis sambhar or a masala dosa will cost you about 25 rupees, while the lunch of rice sambhar will cost you about 30 rupees. There are some varieties for dinner with Gobi manchurian and some chicken kebab on the menu. If you wish to go for a simple veg fried rice, it will cost you about a mere 25 rupees, while a double egg fried rice will cost you about 40 rupees while the single egg will be anywhere between 30-35 rupees. These stalls are always packed with young college students and young working professionals staying in a paying guest house where food is not provided.

So, there you have it, the complete food trail for anyone looking for a budget guide on where to eat. The best part of the street dinner is that, from the amount of almost nothing, you are getting a full plate of wholesome food, making it a complete meal. From as high to 10000 rupees per sitting for two to 100 rupees for two per standing (no seats in roadside stalls!), Bangalore will never let anyone go hungry!

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