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Taking Care Of Marketing Aspects Your Competition Ignores

March 9, 2016

In order to successfully grow a business, one must connect with customers and differentiate themselves from the competition. Here are four irregular marketing techniques to surpass your competition.

Humanize the Brand

Regardless of the industry, every customer wants to feel that they are understood and that their needs are met. Even more important, customers must personally connect to the brand. Certain brands make this easy, such as Adidas and Gatorade, because they have a fun brand that comes with an active lifestyle. Conservative services, such as banking and insurance companies, will struggle to humanize their brand. However, every product or service can be humanized through personalizing advertising that focuses on average users.

Building Maintenance

Most companies do not realize the importance of a clean and well-maintained building and landscape. In the competitive business world, insignificant details can have a significant influence on business success. This is because potential customers make quick decisions based on first appearances, which are often guided by subconscious biases and impressions. A building that is slightly worn on the outside or cluttered on the inside presents a business image of indifferent carelessness. Customers who enter the building and see a single mouse trap or dirty office may be turned away. A company’s brand can be visually extended to the public through properly maintained landscape and proper pest control. For that reason, professionals, like those at Chem-Wise Ecological Pest Management Services, use hands-on experience through inspection technology and integrated management techniques. No one wants unwelcome visors roaming around their building.

Sincere Customer Engagement

Customer engagement revolves around encouraging customers to interact online and in person so they can share their ideas and experiences. When properly executed, a strategic customer engagement plan will foster brand loyalty and growth. Currently, most business experts focus on online customer engagement through blogs, websites and social media platforms. These are very important, but face-to-face engagement is still important. Take advantage of holidays and community events to subtlety promote the business. For example, offer free concessions at a local sporting even or set up a charity donation booth for a local cause.

Smart Social Media Engagement

Social media is no longer a trend, but an acknowledged part of the business world. Businesses are usually urged to establish a social media presence and post updates and photos, but they must also engage customers through strategic social media techniques. Conservative businesses must accept that platforms like Twitter are designed for fun and quick posts, not links to newly released FDIC interest rates. To keep the audience connected, businesses must share valuable content that is also enjoyable.

This is why most companies employ social media marketers to specifically oversee social media marketing. Humanizing the brand and business will establish rapport, engage audiences and ultimately increase revenue.

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