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Tech to Include For Efficiency Between Employees On Your Farm

March 17, 2021

The bigger your farm, the more likely it is you’ll need a large team of employees to help you with the work. But with an expansive property and lots of workers, it can be hard to keep everyone on the same page. In order for the work to happen efficiently, employees need to be able to communicate effectively, even when they’re on opposite ends of the farm. Luckily, modern technology provides exciting solutions for this age-old problem. Here are four pieces of technology that can make your farm workers more efficient.

Modern Radios

While radios and walkie talkies have been helping farmers and ranchers for generations, the newest technologies are even stronger and more reliable. With technology, like Scanreco radio remotes, for example, your team can relay messages from one end of the property to the other. This is perfect for keeping tabs on a particular job’s progress or calling in for additional supplies.

Wifi Hotspots

These days, all your workers are likely to have smartphones. These high-powered devices have everything your team needs to be able to communicate effectively throughout the day. The only problem is that your farm likely lacks the wifi that would ensure constant connectivity. You can solve this problem by installing wireless internet throughout your property. This single move will instantly increase your team’s ability to stay in touch.

Chat Applications

Applications like Messenger and Whatsapp make it easy to create “group chats” through which all your workers can communicate at once. The premise is simple. Just create a group, make sure all your employees join, and then encourage everyone to use the application to keep tabs throughout the workday. You can also make smaller groups for specific teams within your larger workforce.

Shared Google Drive

A Google Drive account will allow everyone on the farm to contribute to shared documents and spreadsheets. This makes organizing and compiling data a whole lot easier. Imagine, for example, that your workers are checking on the crops in different sectors of the farm. If they all have access to a shared spreadsheet, then they’ll be able to input the results of their checkup in real time. You’ll save yourself a lot of administrative work by having them immediately file the data in an organized fashion.

These days, a large team of workers scattered across a 100-acre farm can stay in touch as if they were all sitting in the same room. By taking advantage of modern technology, you can boost efficiency and better manage your farm.

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