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Teen Drivers: How to Find the Perfect Car for Your Kids without Breaking the Bank

November 8, 2018

It can be stressful when it comes to finding the right car for your kids without having to spend too much money. There are safety factors to consider as well as the reliability of the vehicle. Here are some of the ways that you can find the perfect car for your kids without having to break the bank.


Look to Private Party Sales

Depending on the model of car that you select, private party sales may be the perfect solution. For more common vehicles, the surplus can work to your benefit by lowering the ask price. If you decide to go with the private party purchase option, make sure to have a mechanic check out the vehicle for any red flags. You don’t want to saddle your kids with a lemon that will cost more in maintenance than it’s worth.


Consider Used Options

A used car can be more than adequate when it comes to purchasing your kid’s first car. A used car dealership can help you to select the right vehicle for your kid that’s still within budget. Many dealerships will provide you with a safety and maintenance report on the vehicle that you want to purchase. This will give you additional peace of mind knowing that you’re making the right decision.


Get a History Report

Perform your own history report on any vehicle that you’re considering buying. This will let you know about any accidents that the vehicle may have been involved in and any damage that it received. Another thing to consider is if the vehicle in question was ever involved in any manufacturer recall efforts. You’ll need the VIN so that you can search through the database for this type of recall event.


Ask for Buy-in

If your kid isn’t happy with any of the options that are available, consider asking them to pitch in the price difference. They may be more willing to reconsider the other options that you’ve selected or even to take better care of the vehicle that they want. As with anything, the maintenance of a vehicle is just as important as ensuring that it was safe in the first place.


There are lots of places that you can look for a vehicle for your kids. Consider what’s really important in the vehicle so that you can limit some of your search efforts. Use these tips to help you in your endeavors of finding the perfect car for your kids within budget.

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