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The Benefits and Alternatives Of Quartz Worktops

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August 3, 2015

Considering kitchen décor options, natural quartzite worktops are one of the best products available for kitchen worktops.

These come with a huge range of benefits. However, there are other alternatives in the market, like granite and marble worktops, which are gradually catching up with quartzite really fast.

While talking about the creative home and kitchen décor alternatives, one has to take very special care about the alternatives to be chosen as it is also this is something, which is extremely difficult to change once installed. Therefore, while choosing the décor alternatives, any compromise in quality in this regard may cost at later stages. For this reason, it is very much needed to look for those kinds of options, which are value for money.

Kitchens play an important role in this regard, and one of the best options for decorating the kitchen is to use the natural quartzite worktops. These are not only attractive by their looks but also extremely durable. This décor option comes with a wide range of benefits. Please read below:

  • Unlike other natural stones, such as granite or marble, it endows spaces with a rare combination of beauty and strength. The process in which these stones are formed, allows these décor pieces to come in a wide variety of colors and textures, which can never be found in other natural stones. Therefore, clients are always provided with a huge range of options, from which they can choose the best ones those can commensurate their demands.
  • Generally, any décor materials with extreme strength come with hard surfaces, which reduces their acceptability among customers. Although it comes with extreme strength, it does not have any hard surface. This is one of the predominant features of this product that has made it apart from its other counterparts available in the market.
  • If anyone buys any décor for kitchen, they may worry about maintaining the piece. Keeping this in mind, quartzite worktops endow the end client with a unique benefit. These worktops are not permeable in nature, and that is the reason, it can practically resist any kind of particles and fluids, which may not be possible with other natural stone products.

Despite this huge range of benefits quartz worktops prices is relatively high, and perhaps that is the reason, people can get attracted towards cheaper alternatives, or the ones, which have some more features within the same price range. Let’s look at two alternatives to these worktops.

Granite Worktops: If a given project doesn’t have enough budget for natural quartzite but requires the same durability and strength, granite worktops are the best option. There are lot of similarities between the two stones in terms of durability and low maintenance. Another feature of Granite is that it is cheaper than natural quartzite.

Marble Worktops: If beauty is all that you are looking for and are okay with maintaining the worktop, marble can be a great alternative. Though it’s more porous than granite or quartzite, this can be negated by using a good quality sealant and other precautionary measures.

However, it is often said those who like the look of quartzite will seldom like anything else. That is why despite quartz worktop prices; these remain a preferred choice amongst architects and interior designers.

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