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The Best Attorney Christopher Morales

August 24, 2015

Christopher Morales started is private law firm after completing his graduation from renowned university like Santa Clara university law school and U.C. Berkeley. The native place of Attorney Christopher Morales is San Francisco. Criminal cases are the only cases he likes to deal with and it is his area of expertise.

He focused in the criminal cases because while pursuing his studies he realized that he has an utter interest in fighting and dealing with the police and of course the defense prosecutors. Due to his excellent criminal defense skills and huge experience practicing in the same field, he has been honored with the post of a lifetime charter member. The interesting fact about this position being that there can be only hundred lifetime charter attorneys in one state.

Attorney Christopher Moraleshas been practicing on criminal defense cases in almost all the counties of California since the year 1991. He is an expertise in defending his clients on both the felony and the misdemeanors level regardless of the fact that the charges are state charges or federal charges.

He can skillfully deal with an criminal charges such as murders, drug assault, DWI (driving while intoxicated), theft, sex crime, three strikes, internet/ mail fraud  , white collar crimes, assault and battery, tax crimes, security fraud, money laundering, copy right violations, trade mark violation, bankruptcy crimes and many more such criminal defense cases.

Attorney Christopher Morales has been honored with many awards throughout his so far carrier. He has been awarded as the best attorney of America in the year 2015 by rue ratings; he has been selected to be in the list of northern California super lawyers’ list in the year 2014. Some other titles given to him are board of legal specialization, he has been given a triple A rating by attorney search network.

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