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The Best Career Opportunities In Media

May 9, 2016

Media is known for its glamorous lifestyle and fast paced dynamics. The media industry gives unlimited exposure towards the best things in life whether it is dinning, traveling or idling your time on a beach. With a career in Media all these are part of work and one doesn’t require a long vacation to experience all these, provided you are in the right role. This post tells you about the best and most rewarding Media career opportunities.

Media is seemingly rolling on an unstoppable growth path currently. Whether it is the traditional media like TV, advertising, media or audio industry or the new age internet media and social media industry, all these have witnessed a stupendous growth in the past few years. The progress from the Black and White era to the 3D era has been swift and had its share of ups and downs. However, the industry could withstand all the ups and downs owing to passionate professionals who were really upbeat about the latest technology and trends. Whether it was news journalism or broadcasting, careers in media were always passion, and following one’s own creative path. The same holds true for the current lot. In the age of internet, the number of jobs in media has increased quite significantly.   If you are also looking to pursue a media career here are some of the best jobs that the industry has to offer you:


A picture speaks a thousand words. No industry understands this better than media where brevity of words is very important. With stories fighting for space on magazine or newspaper, a picture if taken with the right angle and intent can do a better justice to the headline than a 500 words article. The
rise of internet as a major means of entertainment and news consumption has proved a boon for photojournalists. It won’t be wrong to say that with better equipment and technology taking a good picture has become a bit easier for the creative breed, however, with everyone picking up the lens, the competition has also increased a lot. The work of a photojournalist isn’t too different from that a reporter although unlike reporter he doesn’t have to worry about the literature part of the story.

If you want to become a successful photojournalist, curiosity is important, creativity and an eye for detail is indispensable while hand-eye coordination and willingness to play with the latest technology also matter. Photojournalists work in traditional print as well as the internet industry.

PR Manager

Wondering how do you get all the media bytes about your favourite movie star? Or how do company manage their reputation? PR manager is the face of an organization, or a celebrity who manages the reputation in media and general public. Sounds like a role of immense responsibility? Well it is! As a PR Manager you will be in charge of improving the image of the company in the media. For that you might have to attend press conferences, business meetings, develop PR strategies and campaigns that improve the public perception of the company.

You should have uncompromising communication skills and ability to interact with a large number of people at the same time. Impeccable writing skills are necessary as developing news releases, feature articles and writing speeches for company leaders is their responsibility. For all this, PR managers get paid handsomely. These professionals have some of the best salaries in the entire media industry.

Social Media Manager

A product of the rising importance of social media, this role is now one of the most sought after media jobs globally. Social media managers do online precisely what PR managers do offline. Better reach and expansion of social networks has given organizations an economic way to communicate with lots of people simultaneously. However, given the viral nature of social media, even a small negative feedback about the product or services of the company can create a huge dent on the reputation of years.

Therefore, social media managers keep a constant vigil on the activity around the brand name in the online social sphere. Besides, social media managers also have to handle various social touch-points such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and make sure the followers and fans are always in the loop. Social media managers command respect and a good salary for their work.

TV Anchor

An archetypal media profession is that of a TV reporter or TV Anchor, or also called the Newsreader. A TV anchor is what media symbolises- glamour, interaction with millions of audience and fame. You must have your own favourite TV anchor and the reason behind you liking him or her could be a
unique delivery style, impeccable use of great words and wit or just a pleasant appearance. This means that to become a good TV anchor or rather, a great anchor one must  a bit of every quality mentioned above, witty humour, pleasant personality, perfect pronunciation, exceptional oratory skills, and a good vocabulary.  If you do not have these skills, it’s time to develop them.   A primetime TV anchor gets six figure salary and chances to travel across the world with VIPs like Head of the State as a part of the media contingent. In addition you would have the chance to attend to important global events, interview influential personalities and even grill them over issues that  matter to the common man.

In addition to above discussed roles, there are many other unconventional and well paying opportunities. All you need is conviction in your ability and creativity before applying to new media jobs.

Author Bio:Saurabh Tyagi is a writer, social media enthusiast and a keen watcher of latest job trends. He is currently associated with, a leading online recruitment company in India. When he is not writing, you will find him reading about the latest job trends in Information technology and new media.

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