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The Causes and Possible Cures Of Adult Acne

February 11, 2016

Believe it or not, acne is not an exclusive condition of adolescence. It can also appear during adulthood, creating self-esteem issues. Despite the common belief that acne is a problem of people in puberty, the fact is that one in 20 adults suffer from this condition. Adult acne, although rarer than teenage acne, is the result of many factors that are also triggered in youth. The difference is that these causes do not disappear within a few years, when puberty ends. Instead, they become a constant concern and often create a vicious cycle that leads to more and more acne. Dealing with adult acne, particularly the more serious type, can be an ordeal, but once the cause is discovered, there should be no problems.

Difference between Teenage and Adult Acne

During adolescence, acne is manifested through many pimples and blackheads especially in the forehead, and sometimes in the chest and back. Acne in adults, in contrast, is characterized by the formation of nodules in the deep bottom of the face, that is, around the mouth, jaw and chin. Acne in adults can cause a strong emotional impact. Its effect can reach the point of affecting the quality of life of a person, as do other more serious diseases such as asthma, epilepsy, diabetes or arthritis.

Adult Acne Causes

The occurrence of acne is the result of excess sebum and dead cells in the skin pores. However, external causes may be different. In adults, acne outbreaks often occur due to a change in diet, stress, drugs or cosmetics. When acne appears usually due to a sudden change, check what has changed before going to the treatment of skin with some miraculous cosmetic. If you discover that change is the cause of acne, you can go back to your old routine again. If the problem persists, and the factors are worthy of consideration, it could significantly reduce the severity of acne problem if you consulted a doctor.

The hormonal component is generally a common cause as well. When an imbalance occurs in the female hormones like estrogen, this can also lead to possible outbreaks. This is especially true for pregnant women, or those women who are going through menopause .Of course, for severe acne you should contact a dermatologist. Unlike teenage acne, adult acne appears to stay unless you use a treatment that removes it permanently.

What is the Treatment for Adult Acne?

If you have deep nodules, do not believe that the counter medications that you find in the drugstore are going to be useful. These are designed to fight teenage acne and are therefore unlikely to be very effective. It would be ideal to consult a dermatologist, who will probably prescribe medicated creams and pills that help eliminate acne.

Among the acne treatment options for adults there are prescription drugs with retinol (vitamin A), which help clear the skin follicles and keep it clean (and incidentally help prevent wrinkles); combination creams with benzoyl peroxide and antibiotics such as clindamycin to fight bacteria; gels with 5% dapsone to fight inflammation; some birth control pills that help regulate fluctuations of hormones; oral antibiotics which act as anti-inflammatory and even some blood pressure medications such as spironolactone that can help regulate hormones.

There are also solutions that include more expensive laser technology. But it is best to talk to a dermatologist and explore all the options that are at your fingertips in order to manage to control acne and regain the beauty of your skin. The important thing is not to let acne sabotage the image you have of yourself.

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