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The Changing Scenes Of Weddings and Parties

By alina
August 17, 2016

Before cassette players, gramophone players, CD players and other forms of music players took prominence, live musicians, and singers at weddings were the main source of providing entertainment. With introduction of music players, the importance of live music went on the decline. But now, even music players alone are passé.

Disc Jockeys popularly referred to as DJ’s are now holding centre stage at events and parties all over the world and India is no exception. There is a wide array of DJ’s available to cater to your musical entertainment needs for any event. Technology has also made it possible to for you to know who is doing what and the DJ’s specialty. Therefore, even if you are arranging an event or wedding in Bengaluru, you can avail DJ services in Pune if that particular DJ is the kind of person you need for the job.

What does a DJ do?

A DJ or deejay basically mixes and remixes music while it is playing. They use special equipment like DJ mixers and turntables to carry out their work, although these days, with a lot of software help, these tasks can also be carried out using laptops. Other pieces of equipment often employed by DJ’s are headphones, special units for extra effects like delays, equalisers, reverbs, drum machines, etc. A lot of DJ’s have gained popularity and even released their music albums comprising of remixed tunes and songs. The internet has also helped DJ’s to spread their work. Even if you are arranging for an event in Kerala, the internet can help you source a DJ Pune, whose work you may have heard before and were impressed.

Live Entertainment

Although live entertainment had gone into a decline in weddings and other social events, they are now making a comeback in a major way thanks largely to event managers and wedding planners. Live entertainment is not confined to music alone. Dance performances and stand-up comedy are also becoming a big hit, especially with people warming up to the idea of theme weddings and events. Live entertainment also provides the performing artists a source of remuneration and a stage to showcase their talents while they are still trying to carve a niche for themselves in their respective industries. Some established artists also perform at live functions, albeit their fees are commensurate with their brand value.

Travel and Tourism Services

With a large number of weddings now taking place in exotic locations, the travel and tourism industry is gaining a lot of lost ground. Theme weddings invariably demand specific locations and settings and this requires a large number of people to be transported and accommodated accordingly. Travel operators in collaboration with wedding planners also provide special wedding packages, which include travel tickets, hotel accommodation, and local sightseeing tours. Other services like chauffeured cars at the venue at all times and facilities to meet any specific medical requirements like wheelchairs can also be arranged by the travel agents.

The changing landscape of celebrating weddings and holding events is also boosting the economy as it provides employment to a large number of people. The propensity of spending at these events also highlights how much importance is given to a wedding.

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