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The Comprehensive Asset Management Services Offered By Merrill Lynch MA

October 19, 2015

Managing money as well, asset or wealth management, estate planning are rather rough and tricky jobs. This is because, when you think of investing money, a number of risky issues, possibilities and unforeseen factors play behind, which can be well assessed by an efficient Asset Management Advisor only. And, this is the basic reason why individuals to corporate companies, senior citizens used to meet the people of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Company at MA, aiming to hire their exclusive consultancy services.

The Chief Advisor and MD of Merrill Lynch is David Barcomb who has occupied this position in this major asset management company with his long 21 years of experience and expertise in asset management industry. Prior to joining Merrill Lynch, David was the Senior Vice president of USB Global Wealth Management house. And before that he was in Smith Barney. In this career life, till date, he has expended majorly in financial and investment related advisory. This has endured his vision power, thinking ability and competence of producing objective based solutions that help clients get the maximum out of their investments.

The brilliant new generation investment advisor has been offered the apex position in Merrill Lynch and now he is performing as the chief advisor, principal and managing director of this more than $570 billion AUM Wealth Management Advisory enterprise. David’s recognition is just not limited within MA or its neighboring states but his competence is a buzz of US asset management industry.  In Merrill, David Barcomb is supported by seven top asset management consultants who perform in conjunction, based upon the guidelines of David. As analyzed by the market experts that the innovative way of research based methodologies for finding individualized asset management issues is the major key of David’s success.

Services Offered by Barcomb Group Includes

  • Financial planning and Estate planning services
  • Portfolio management services for small business and individuals s
  • Portfolio management services for groups/community
  • Portfolio management services for corporate business house and institutions
  • Asset Management Services for profit and Non-profit companies
  • Pension consulting services and others

While the group is now focusing to comprehensive areas of resource and asset management, estate plan developments, post retirement planning for investments in bonds, securities and the asset management plans of nonprofit establishments, there is hardly any area where the solutions provided by the group is not found hit.

Another great personality of David Barcomb is his active involvement in different kinds of philanthropic services for the major non profit establishment South Shore Hospital Foundation in Southern MA. The society’s board is quite happy that David has accepted their proposal and would continuing as its trustee member for the 3rd term.

In fact, after his joining  the society in 2007, David organized varied generous activities that has helped the society to do q number of developmental activities for the community people of southern MA. David completed his graduation degree from the Trinity University with specialization in Economics and Political science.

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