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The Dangers Of Large Trees In Your Yard

December 10, 2021

Trees can give your yard more character and protection from the sun, but large trees can become dangerous if they get out of hand. Large trees may collapse and cause serious property damage and bodily harm if they aren’t addressed properly. By having any large trees in your yard trimmed or removed, you can avoid these dangers. 


Large trees can cause greater bodily injuries if their trunks or branches fall onto people who might be standing below them. A person could sustain a concussion, bone brakes, or other serious body trauma if they get hit by any part of a fallen tree. In worst cases, death may occur from an injury that’s caused by a fallen tree trunk or large branch. 

Property Destruction

Fencing, walkways, and parts of your home’s structure could get destroyed if a large tree collapses onto any of these sections of your property. Home roofs are often especially vulnerable to damage from collapsing trees and fallen branches, and you may need to hire roof repair contractors if a large tree puts a big dent or hole in your roof. Sprinkler heads and yard decorations are other items that could be heavily damaged or destroyed entirely from a fallen tree. 

Damage from Roots

Most large trees have large roots that can grow extensively. If any roots reach your home’s foundation, they could cause parts of the foundation to crack and break as they continue to grow. Roots can also block and interfere with septic systems, and you may need to take additional measures to prevent damage from tree roots if you have one of these systems. Tree roots may even harm other trees and vegetation in your yard. 

More Pests

Large trees provide more places for pests to hide and make their homes. Pests can hide in many of the higher branches that are more difficult to reach and come down to invade the rest of your property or infiltrate your home whenever these annoying and potentially harmful critters choose. The thicker trunks of many large trees also allow more pests to get into them. If a large tree dies, your yard’s pest population may grow even more. 

If you want to make your property the safest and most aesthetically pleasing space possible, you shouldn’t hesitate to take care of any large, overgrown trees in your yard. Contractors who specialize in all types of repair work can fix any damages that result from large trees. 

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