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The Disadvantages Of Working With A Mortgage Broker

June 29, 2016

A mortgage broker is a person who can help you discover the best possible mortgage plan based on your current financial situation and home. As such, working with a broker can certainly bring you some benefits. On the other hand, there are quite a few reasons why avoiding them is a better idea. Here are some of the disadvantages of hiring a mortgage broker.

Payment for their Services

The cost of hiring a mortgage broken is one of the major problems that occur when working with them. You may not have to pay them up front in some cases. However, rest assured that you are still going to end up paying for their services indirectly.

The fact is that the lender that you choose through the broker will pay the broker with a commission or a finder’s fee. The problem is that the amount that goes to the broker will be indirectly added to your mortgage. In other words, you will end up paying for the money that is paid to the broker. The lender is not going to give you a discount simply because you chose to work with a broker except in extremely rare cases. Therefore, you are going to bear the entire burden of the broker’s fee.

Of course, in the grand scheme of things, the amount may not seem significant at first. However, over the course of a few payments, you might start to feel the pinch. After all, you will already be paying a large sum of money every month. You will obviously wish to avoid paying anything extra.

Few Advantages

These days, a mortgage broker Brisbane CBD might not give you a lot of advantages. Previously, you could count on these brokers to help you get access to lenders that were not easily accessible. You might have even found some lending programs which were not easily available. However, the internet is a tool by which you can find just about all the mortgage programs in the market available.

Therefore, you will certainly not want to pay the broker for a task that you can complete on your own with a bit of patience.

Inexperienced Brokers

It is not uncommon for high experienced loan officers choosing to become mortgage brokers after leaving the world of banking. However, mortgage offices are also known to appoint inexperienced officers as brokers. These brokers have to learn on their own while working as they are not always provided with training.

A mortgage broker is supposed to know the market thoroughly. It is, in fact, one of the advantages of working with them. However, an inexperienced broker completely negates this advantage. They will not be capable of helping you find the best mortgage plan.


It is not uncommon for brokers to help you get into a mortgage plan without considering whether you can meet the payments. Their aim is to get the commission which depends on the value of the deal. As such, they may push you into a more expensive option for their own ends without thinking about yours.

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