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The Growing Demand For Open Spectrum

November 26, 2015

In today’s information age, the internet has become a necessity for all. Be it work, entertainment or shopping, each aspect of our lives is connected to internet. So much so, that even a small internet connection problem can bring our life to a complete halt. The internet has also played a key role in creation of new jobs in many countries. Thanks to the World Wide Web, many professionals can now work in different parts of the world and stay connected online. With the growth of smartphones and tablets, it has become all the easier for us to stay connected on-the-go.

Internet problems and issues

There is no denying the fact that the internet is playing a key role in developing nations’ economies and improving the lives of their citizens. However, there are several hindrances that continue to play a spoilsport when it comes to making internet easily accessible to the masses. This is particularly true in case of people living in remote or less-developed areas across the world. Most of the telecom operators find it unprofitable to invest in some areas. Thus, these areas lack the infrastructure required to make internet easily accessible to people.

Even in major cities and towns with larger population, people continue to face problems related to the quality of their internet connections. Although, the internet services are widely available, poor-internet quality continues to hamper users’ browsing experience. Despite paying for the internet, people continue to face all types of internet problems and issues.

The need for open spectrum

Most people have now begun to realize that exclusive licensing system is one of the main reasons that have proved to be a major hindrance, as far as good internet connectivity is concerned. For many decades, the telecom industry has followed the exclusive licensing system and used it to allocate spectrum to telecom companies.

There is a growing demand for open spectrum or public allocation of voice spectrum across the world. Many people are lobbying for telecom spectrum and demanding the removal of licensing system in telecom industry. This is seen as vital when it comes to making internet easily accessible in all parts of the world and improve the quality of internet connection available to people. There are many forums that facilitate meaningful conversations on open spectrum and serve as a platform for lobbying for telecom spectrum. The prime purpose of all such online platforms is to make world a better place, and have everyone reap in the benefits of internet and the advantages associated with it.

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