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The Importance Of Carpet Cleaning – Even If They Do Not Look Dirty

April 1, 2016

With many areas in your home, you are able to clearly tell when they are dirty and need to be cleaned up.  The dirt or grime will pile up, and make things look dingy, or perhaps a smell would even begin to develop.  Your carpet is like a filter for all the dirt and grime that is in your home.  This problem is even worse if you have pets or small children, who will be spending a lot of time on floors, and who often carry dirt and other messes.  This is why it is very important to clean your carpets often, because even when there may not be any visible stains, there are always hidden messes beneath the surface of the carpet.

Pets are often the biggest enemy to carpets.  Not only do they harbor dirt on their bodies, which then gets transferred onto the carpet, but they also tend to see the carpets as one big, giant bathroom.  Removing animal urine out of carpets is a big and tedious task, which is often done incorrectly.  While many people when they focus on removing animal urine, focus on the stain left in the carpet, which is often not the biggest problem.  The biggest problem is the unseen stain underneath the surface.  When left untreated, these unseen stains can build up and can create a truly filthy floor.  This is why whenever you notice a stain from pet urine, you must deeply clean the area to truly clean up the floor, because just cleaning the stain will not sanitize the area.

Another way to help maintain the life of your carpets, is that you don’t let stains remain. Leaving stains means that you have not cleaned the entire area where the stained occurred. If there is a remaining stains, then there is still some residue of what caused the stain, which means that there are still germs and dirt in your carpet.  Also, be on the lookout for subtle stains that may not be easy to see.  Often when you clean up a stain on your carpet, there is a lighter stain that is left unattended.  These stains over time can build up, and that means the carpet is dirty, even when you have been cleaning if routinely.

The last tip in carpet cleaning is to be sure to clean the stairs.  The stairs are the one area of your carpets that get the most use, but often do not get cleaned as often as they should.  Just think about all of the foot traffic that your stairs, get from everyone in your family going up and down them countless times per day.  Now think about how often they get cleaned.  For some reason many people simply do not think about cleaning stairs, but they are often the dirtiest parts of the carpets in your home.

In order to keep your carpets as clean as possible you need to take the time to clean every area of your carpet frequently.  Carpets always tend to look cleaner until it is too late.  So, be sure to clean your carpets deeply and frequently.

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