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The Link Between Family History and Surnames

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October 21, 2015

Our surnames define our origins, the rich history that we share with our ancestors. It also defines our structure and behavior as humans. So, come, to explore this mysterious world of your family tree.

Charles Darwin is responsible for the concept of nomenclature that we follow. It was not earlier than the publication of his first book, the ‘Origins of a species’ that the human population realized that as mighty as they consider their species, they are still sharing the stage with others in the process of continuous evolution. The only fact that makes us different is the ability to adapt and evolve with the ever changing planetary and societal conditions. In this century, the traditional act of naming, strongly reflects on our surnames in the family tree and shares a history of evolution developed by our great forefathers. This can also be traced by using family tree maker online. Today we shall discover the most common surnames across the world and their creation back in time;

Sharma, India:

The most common surname in India is Sharma. This surname has existed for the past 500 years across the country and forms an essential part of many family trees in India. The meaning of this surname is a teacher in Sanskrit. Therefore, it is assumed that the teachers of the early century were tagged as Sharma for their literary skills. With the help of family tree maker online, we discovered some famous people in India with this surname. Examples are Rohit Sharma, the famous cricketer, Rajat Sharma, the well-known journalist and Robin Sharma, the renowned book writer.

Murphy, Ireland:

Murphy is the most used surname across the globe. This surname has existed for the past 900 years across Ireland. The surname got its place in the world from the rich history of Ireland, comprising of the battles in the sea and its warriors who had a peculiar taste in alcohol for celebrations. With the help of family tree online here are some famous people with the surname: Audie Murphy, the famous actor of the sixties, Sean Murphy, the renowned cartoonist and the late actor Brittany Murphy.

Smith, Australia and USA:

Smith is the most common surname in both Australia and USA. This surname originated back in the early slavery days wherein colored slaves were addressed with their profession. As most the men were blacksmiths, this surname was forced upon all the slaves to make naming an easier process for the slave owners. Some famous people with the surname are Anna Nicole Smith, the famous reality tv star, Will Smith, the well-known actor and Zadie Smith, the renowned author of ‘White Teeth’.

Lee, China:

Coming from the country with the highest population, the surname Lee is shared by over 93 million people in China itself. The surname is inspired by the artistic Chinese from various elements of the nature like chestnut, jasmine, dusk, etc. This is also the oldest surname in China dates back to over 5000 years. With the help of family tree online here are some famous people with the surname: Bruce Lee, the famous actor, Tommy Lee, the well-known singer and Stan Lee, the renowned author of Marvel comics.

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All families have a past, a history, so go on to explore yours and we bet you will be left, wondering.

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