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The Medical Marijuana Revolution and How This Drug Actually Helps

May 9, 2016

Medical marijuana is one of the most controversial drugs. Many people view it as a recreational people that people use to derive a simple high, but this drug is used to treat numerous medical conditions. Some of the conditions it treats may be untreatable in any other way. Let’s learn more about the medical marijuana revolution, including how this drug helps countless patients.

Minimizing Pain

The most obvious use of medical marijuana is to treat pain. Medical marijuana can be more effective than other prescriptions for pain management, as it can successfully treat everything from chronic pain to neuropathic pain, which results from nerve damage.

Patients with particularly painful conditions such as cancer tend to find more success when using medical marijuana to manage pain.

The other advantage of medical marijuana is that it tends to be less habit forming than other pain management drugs. It also fails to produce as many unwanted side effects when used for long-term pain management, which makes it safer for the patient.

Treating Multiple Sclerosis

Marijuana can help treat multiple sclerosis. Sativex is a pharmaceutical version of marijuana designed to help people afflicted with multiple sclerosis. It minimizes the bothersome and sometimes painful muscle spasms that these patients often encounter.

While medical marijuana does not fully cure these patients, it does bring a significant improvement to the quality of their lives.

Reversing Concussion Damage

Though still in its trial stages, Israeli researchers are seeing how medical marijuana can help reduce the damage that the brain sustains from concussions. This has applications in everything from sports to everyday activities.

The idea is that this drug could help reduce traumatic brain injuries, which could do something that very few pharmaceuticals could ever hope to do.

This use is particularly interesting, as it represents a new defense for professional DUI lawyers to use. People that need DUI help in Athens can rest assured that their attorney will put out all the stops for them and their case. Emerging conclusions from respected institutes like Harvard University may one day change how people feel about this drug for this use alone.

Stopping Nausea

Another common problem that patients encounter is nausea. This condition may stem directly from a disease, such as cancer, or it may be a side effect of a treatment like chemotherapy.

Medical marijuana can reduce the effects of nausea on a patient in a way that is unique to cannabis. This can help patients obtain nutrition reliably, which in turn may help them achieve better success with their treatments.

Medical Marijuana: More Uses than One

Medical marijuana represents a unique pharmaceutical. It brings benefits that traditional pharmaceuticals cannot. It may even be able to treat conditions that modern medicine cannot. Given the results medical marijuana can already achieve, it may one day replace opioids for pain management, and even earn a place within the standard first-aid kit.

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