The National Security Advisor Of America Who Helped Shaping Nation’s Foreign Relationship

May 9, 2016

Samuel R. Berger commonly known as Sandy Berger is widely acknowledged as a key political advisor, humanitarian and associate of American ex-president Bill Clinton. His contribution in the field of politics has been immense and has played a great role in forging international relationship. The World Food Program USA honored Samuel with ‘Global Humanitarian Award’ for his support to the community in order to eradicate globally spread hunger.

During the governance of the former President, there was hardly anyone in the administration more knowledgeable and insightful about policy making or formulating strategic steps to combat global terrorism than Berger. Talking about the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton stated that both were highly supported by Berger in different matters throughout the time he was in his administration.

None can forget the crucial role played by Berger in strategy building to employ American power, Iraq factors, end of war solutions made with President Slobodan Milosevic of Yugoslavia and more. Susan E. Rice, the national security advisor to Barack Obama states that it was his fortune to work for Mr. Sandy Berger from 1993 to 1997 while he learned a lot of things from this legendary policy maker. As he said that Sandy Berger was basically a role model to the entire department. His vision power was beyond belief while he was humorous too. With high level of insight, in depth knowledge and great attention to international affairs, his major aim was to abolish the overpowering terrorist activities and bring peace all across the world. Following the Cold War, in shaping the relationship with the US and other countries including Japan, China and India, the contribution of Berger was amazing.

Berger did his schooling from WEBUTUCK High School and after that he completed his graduation in Arts in the year 1967 from Cornell University.  Later, he took admission in Harvard Law School and became JD in 71. He worked for George McGovern as a speechwriter during presidential campaign. Berger performed as a partner in Washington based Attorney group Hogan and Hartson. Berger took part in presidential campaigning for Michael Dukakis’. However, since Dukakis was failed to get elected, Sandy Berger rejoined Hogan and Hartson. During this time he also suggested Clinton to chase for president’s position. Berger worked as the Senior Foreign Policy Counselor to Clinton all through his presidency campaign.

In the first term of Clinton’s governance, Sandy Berger was offered the position of Dy. National Security Advisor. While in the 2nd term of Clinton’s administration he was hoisted in the senior most position by the American President. Berger became the Chief National Security Advisor. For his great contribution to consolidate the relationship between Japan and the US government, the Govt. of Japan has honored Sandy Berger in early 2015 with the award naming ‘the Grand Cordon of the Order of the Rising Sun’

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