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The Options When Needing To Repair Your Bicycle

August 31, 2015

Bicycles can be used for the daily commute, for a visit to the shops or meeting friends and even for keeping fit.  They are relatively simple machines and generally very reliable and cheap to run.  However, like any mechanical object they do need regular servicing and at times you may even need to perform a bicycle repair.  Cables can break, as can your chain, tyres can puncture, the gears can need to be reset or the brakes may need replacing or resetting.  There are several areas which need greasing and ball bearings which must be looked after.

It is essential to learn basic maintenance on your bicycle; part of this is keeping it clean which will avoid dirt fouling the important mechanisms or water sitting on the bike and rusting parts of it.  The other side of this is learning to check and adjust your brakes or chain; there are many bike shops which will maintain your bike for you and will even repair it should something break or you damage your bike.

Repairing it on Your Own

It is possible to repair your own bicycle, even if you do not know much about bicycle repairs.  There is an abundance of information on the internet which can be accessed quickly.  It is also possible to purchase an owner’s manual or repair manual which will provide you with step by step instructions on how to perform any repair on your bicycle.

You may also know a friend who has experience in the type of repair of maintenance you need to complete and their advice can be invaluable.  When repairing your bike you should ensure you have plenty of space and are able to take each part of and keep it on a work bench, ready to be serviced and replaced.  It can also be beneficial to take photos of the bike before and during the process.

Taking the bike to a Repair Shop

The majority of bike shops will offer repairs as well as bikes for sale.  There are also many shops which specialise in bike repairs and they will be happy to help you repair and even maintain your bicycle.  If your bike is new you may need to use the shop you purchased it from, otherwise you should look for a shop near you, preferably one recommended by a friend.  Failing this the internet is full of people wishing to advice you on the best shop in your area.  A good repair shop, like will have a website and a dedicated contact line.  They should also indicate prices online for the standard items needing a bicycle repair; such as a puncture or brake pads.  This will help you to compare prices before you go the shop and ensure you are charged a fair price for the service offered.  These shops have dedicated technicians who are trained in bicycle repair and will ensure your bike is off the road for the shortest time possible.  This could be the best option for anyone new to bicycle repairs and maintenance or those who use their bike daily; they may even offer a loan bike!

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